ZAR Online Casinos     

In the past it would of been impossible to find top online casinos offering South Africans the chance to play with their beloved South African Rand (ZAR). The good news is that those prehistoric days are long gone. Today local is lekker in the world of online casinos, and if you are looking for an approved online casino that accepts ZAR then you’re in the right place.

Online Casinos accepting South African ZAR

Each of the below mentioned online casinos offers local South African players a chance to deposit, withdrawal and play using South African Rands (ZAR) . Our team has carefully reviewed each casino to make sure that we list only the very best ZAR accepted casinos for you. 

White Lotus Casino Logo

White Lotus

R30,000 Deposit Bonuses
R300 Free Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Springbok Casino Logo


R11,500 Deposit Bonuses
R250 Free Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Black Diamond Casino Logo

Black Diamond

200% Match Bonus
+25 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

ZAR Casino Logo

ZAR Casino

200% up to R15,000
100 Free Spins
Terms & Conditions Apply

Slots Heaven Logo

Casino Planet

100% up to R4,500 Bonus
+200 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Silversands Casino Logo

Silver Sands

R8,888 Deposit Bonuses
300 Free Spins
Terms & Conditions Apply

Slots Capital Logo

Slots Capital

R27,777 in Bonuses
R70 Free Chip Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Casino Dome

Casino Dome

100% up to R3000 + 21 FS
First Deposit Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Thunderbolt Online Casino Logo


R10,000 Deposit Bonuses
R100 Free Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply Logo

R4,000 in Bonuses +200
Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Jackpot Cash Logo

Jackpot Cash

R5,000 Deposit Bonuses
R200 Free Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Casino Luck Logo


100% up to R2,250
150 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Box 24 Casino Logo

Box 24 Casino

200% up to R20,000
25 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Spartan Slots Logo

Spartan Slots

200% up to R20,000
25 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Apollo Slots Logo

Apollo Slots

R9,999 in Bonuses
R200 free Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Yako Casino Logo

Yako Casino

R3,333 Welcome Bonus
+222 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Wixstars Casino Logo

Tusk Casino

100% up to R4000
+ R100 No Deposit
Terms & Conditions Apply

BetChain Casino Logo


R3,000 Welcome Bonus
+200 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

21Prive Casino Logo

21Prive Casino

R10,000 Deposit Bonuses
+50 Bonus Spins
Terms & Conditions Apply

Desert Nights Casino Logo

Desert Nights

250% up to R25,500
Free R100 Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Volcanic Slots Online Casino Logo

Volcanic Casino

R7,777 Deposit Bonuses
R250 Free Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Casino Gods Logo

Casino Gods

100% up to R4,500
+ 300 Free Spins
Terms & Conditions Apply

Fun Casino Logo

Fun Casino

50% up to R9,980
100 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Sloty Casino Logo

Sloty Casino

100% up to R4,500
300 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Spinit Casino Logo

Spinit Casino

R15,000 Welcome Offer
200 Free Spins
Terms & Conditions Apply

Genesis Casino Logo

Genesis Casino

R15,000 in Bonuses
+300 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Casino Cruise Logo

Casino Cruise

100% up to R15,000
200 Free Spins
Terms & Conditions Apply

Vegas Hero Logo

Vegas Hero

R15,000 Deposit Bonuses
+50 Free Spins
Terms & Conditions Apply

Casino Joy Logo

Casino Joy

100% up to R3,000
200 Free Spins Bonus
Terms & Conditions Apply

Yebo Casino Logo

Yebo Casino

R12,000 Welcome Offer
R350 Free Chip
Terms & Conditions Apply Logo

Punt Casino

R10,000 Welcome Offer 
R200 Free Chip
Terms & Conditions Apply

Karamba Casino Logo


100% up to R3,000
+ 100 Free Spins
Terms & Conditions Apply

What does it mean if an online casino accepts ZAR?

During the start of the online casino boom it was of course the most recognised currencies that took center stage, i.e. the American US dollar, the British Pound and of course the Euro, this was simply because most players at that time where from those locations. However as time has gone by and more countries have found the enjoyment of online casinos, many casinos have made available numerous currencies to suit players from all over the world.

One of these currencies that is now widely accepted is the South African Rand (ZAR). A casino that accepts ZAR essentially means that players from South Africa can now play, withdrawal and deposit using their South African Rands, its also more user friendly for players from South Africa as all bonuses, promotions etc will all be listed and available in ZAR as well.

Why Play At ZAR Friendly Casinos?

If you are new to online gambling then you would of not experienced this, which is good news for you by the way, for existing players though there is bound to be more than one occasion where you have found yourself undertaking time consuming currency conversions, most likely from your local currency Rands to US Dollar or Euro’s in order for you to start playing with one of your favourite online casinos.

There is no denying that there are numerous benefits when playing with a casino that deals in a foreign currency such as the US Dollar, however for South African players there are also several disadvantages to this.

Disadvantages of playing at a casino that doesn’t accept ZAR

1. If your currency (ZAR) had a weaker exchange rate to the currency you are converting to, say the US Dollar, then you’d essentially be getting less to play with than what you actually have, i.e. R100 South African Rand would only give you $6 US Dollars to play with.

2. The second thing is that in order for you to actually deposit your South African ZAR into a US Dollar or British Pound based casino you would need to make use of a 3rd party exchange service, such as Neteller, the only downside to this is of course you have to pay an admin or exchange fee, this can range from $1 – $3 depending on the amount.

3. All bonuses, promotions and dealings are in the currency of the casinos choice, which means that you would need to first calculate various exchanges rates in order for you to know what the value is in South African Rands (ZAR)

The Pros And Cons Of  Playing In Rands

The Pro’s:

  1. Eliminates exchange rate calculations – the bonus listed on the site, your winnings, deposits and so much more are all already in South African Rands (ZAR), which means you no longer need to convert in order to find out what the ZAR value may be.
  2. You’ll save money on admin fee’s – because the casino you are playing at accepts ZAR’s you no longer need to use a 3rd party exchange service such as Neteller to help you convert your South African Rands to US dollars or even Euro’s. This means you save on conversion and admin fee’s.
  3. More bang for your buck – what you deposit in South African Rands is what you will have to play with, so your R100 is R100.
  4. Budgeting ease – When it comes to working out the value of your South African Rands you have to play with, or even the various promotions in foreign currencies you’d like to pursue, because this is now in Rands it makes budgeting and key decision making that much simpler.

The Con’s:


  1. Limited Withdrawal or deposit methods – Because the South African market is slightly smaller than some of the other European or American audiences you may find that you have less deposit and withdrawal methods to select from, this is simply done to ensure that these casinos that accept ZAR only provide the best and most utilised methods, no need for unnecessary variety right?
  2. What you win is what you win – Many players have strategically used the exchange rate to help push up their take home earnings in South African Rands, especially when in a market that exhibits a poorer exchange rate to the one you are using to play with online i.e. the US dollar to Rand where $6 will give you roughly R100 at today’s rate. The only possible downside now that you are playing at a casino that accepts ZAR is that what you earn online is what you will take home, it’s an exact 1:1.

Deposit & Withdrawal methods for ZAR accepting Casinos

You will be pleased to know that the number of deposit and withdrawal methods for ZAR accepting casinos has increased tenfold over the last few years. What started out as just a handful of options with the likes of Visa/Mastercard credit cards, SID instant EFT and bank Wire transfer, has now grown to include some advanced payment methods that make depositing and withdrawal that much easier for South African Players.

Some of the newer deposit and withdrawal methods available for South African players include:

Just a side note, make sure that you carefully review each option to understand what the admin fee’s may be, particularly with Bitcoin and Neteller.


ZAR Accepting Casino FAQ's

What is the advantage to using ZAR over international currencies?

If you are a South African player the best thing about playing in South African Rands over that of other currencies is that you don’t have to make any exchange conversions, what you have is what you’ll be able to play with. Additionally playing with a casino that accepts ZAR also means you now eliminate the need for fee’s or exchange rate variances.

What is the difference between a ZAR accepted casino and a US Dollar accepted casino?

There is no difference at all to the playing experience. The number of games, the tournaments on offer, and even the bonuses available are all the same, the only difference is that the one deals in US dollars or Euro’s and the other in South African Rands

Is it safe to play at a casino that accepts ZAR?

Yes of course. The online casino world has evolved immensely, and with it so to has the number of currency options being made available to players. Top rated and reviewed Casinos from around the world have seen the massive benefit of offering local South African players the chance to play in their own currency. So all the safety, security and playing experience you have come to know and love you will find with ZAR accepting casinos too.

Does playing at a ZAR accepting casino limit my options?

You may think so, and sure there may not be as many banking payment methods or withdrawal options when dealing with Casinos that accept ZAR, however all the major payment options you know and have become accustomed too are available with most well-known ZAR accepting Casinos