Online Casinos Accepting SiD Secure EFT

There’s no denying that South Africa is evolving, and with it so are it’s consumers needs. Instantaneous gratification is growing amongst people as they become more exposed to the world thanks to globalisation and technology. Greater accessibility, faster processing times, and of course simpler methods of doing things are now mandatory for any modern day consumer.

One way that technology has been required to address changing consumer demands is through the ways that business and consumers buy, sell and trade. With South Africa historically being a very heavily retail based, cash dominant market, a very unique solution was required that would ultimately assist businesses and consumers looking to trade online with a safe, low cost and simple solution.

In 2007 Setcom put their 20+ entrepreneurial years to work, they identified the need for such a payment solution in South Africa and went about designing, making and introducing the SiD Secure EFT (EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer) to the market. SiD would become a revolutionary new payment solution to the South African market that would provide exactly what consumers and businesses required, a simple, intuitive and user-friendly payment product that allowed it’s users to receive payments effortlessly online.

Since its inception, SiD Secure EFT’s become instantly popular to consumers and businesses alike in South Africa thanks to the fact that it requires no credit cards, no sign-up for consumers, clearance of funds is instant, and most importantly because of the nature of the payment process it remains incredibly safe to transact with online.

Best Rated SiD Online Casinos

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What is SiD Instant EFT?

The innovative SiD payment solution was the first of its kind to emerge in South Africa and remains the leading EFT processor in the country. SiD Instant EFT is a secure payment method that allows its users to make quick, instant online payments through the use of internet banking, the benefit to this solution is that it requires no credit cards.

SiD Secure EFT relies on its extensive security features to conduct and monitor the instantaneous transfer of money from one users bank account into another, the process is completely computer based and independently monitored and verified by leading privacy & security specialists, making this solution one of the safest payment methods for South African players to use  online.

South African players will be able to make deposits into the casino of their choice using South African Rands (ZAR), so there is no need for any costly currency conversions, and better yet, SiD comes with no hidden transaction costs for players. The only requirement is a registered bank account with one of the major banks within South Africa, these currently include (ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Investec, Capitec, FNB).

Why use SiD Instant EFT?

Apart from SiD Secure EFT being widely recognised and accepted around the world by top online casinos making it extremely accessible to you as a player, SiD was also created specifically with the South African consumer in mind, for a player this means that you can deposit and withdrawal without hassle using South African ZAR, a major plus for anyone looking to eliminate those costly currency conversions.

We know that the last thing any player wants is lengthy registration processes or hidden transaction fee’s, because of the way SiD was designed, players can utilise it knowing that they wont be required to make use of their credit card, or required to undergo any form of registration. Besides being extremely easy to use, with SiD there is also no transaction fee’s incurred to the player/consumer, so you can play with peace of mind knowing that what you deposit or withdrawal will remain as you budgeted.

Advantages to using SiD Instant EFT:

  • No Credit Card needed – with SiD all you need is a registered bank account
  • No player registration – Only the merchant involved is required to register with SiD, players do not need to register
  • No hidden transaction fee’s – Players are able to use SiD free of charge, all transaction fee’s fall with the casino
  • Bank level security – Because SiD payments are processed through your internet banking, all bank level authentications and security measure will apply
  • Compatible from any device – SiD payments can be conducted from mobile or PC
  • Easy payment process – SiD pre-populates the transaction details on your once-off payment page, making payment quick and easy.
  • Instant payment processing – Once the transaction is complete the casino will receive your deposit instantly
  • 100% trusted and Certified – SiD is independently monitored and verified by leading privacy & security specialists 

How to make a deposit using SiD at an online casino?

The beauty behind this method is that it is super simple to use, we’ve compiled a check list of how you can make use of this super easy to use payment method:

 Things to consider before using SiD Instant EFT:

  1.  Find out if the casino you play at has SiD EFT as a payment solution – the first thing you want to do is make sure that the casino you are playing with actually has SiD as a payment method
  2. Check to see if your bank is listed as a SiD partner – You will be happy to know that SiD has already partnered with 6 of South Africa’s most popular banks, so you are most likely covered on this front

Step 1:

Sign into your players account using your username and password you created when you first
registered, in this case we are depositing with Springbok Casino.

Springbok casino

Step 2:

Upon successfully signing into your player account, head on over to the cashiers’ tab on the top left-hand corner, you will see this in bright green. The cashiers tab will open a separate window.

In this section you will have full sight of all the various deposit payment methods, because we are using SiD Secure EFT for this example we will want to scroll down the list until you see this option. You are then going to click on either the SiD Secure EFT text or the image to select this payment method 

Springbok casino deposit page

Step 3:

From this point you will then be asked to specify the amount in ZAR / Rands that you would like to deposit. With Springbok Casino the minimum amount you can deposit using SiD Secure EFT is ZAR25, the maximum amount is ZAR100,000. For this example, we have selected to deposit ZAR30 

SiD deposit amount

Step 4:

Once you have indicated the amount you would like to deposit and you click on the next button, you will be redirected to the page below. Here you will now be able to select the specific bank that you have an active account with currently. For this example we are going to go and select Nedbank new online banking 

SiD Secure EFT

Step 5:

As soon as you’ve selected your bank you will then be shown the same login screen that you are probably familiar with when you enter your internet banking. Enter the username and password you use to access your internet banking. If you are unsure of what these are you can easily chat to your bank for guidance. 

internet banking login page

Step 6:

From this point you will then be connected directly to a simplified version of your internet banking. Here you will be able to select which account you would like the funds to be transferred from, in this case we are depositing from our cheque account 

SiD Secure account selection

Step 7:

Once you’ve selected the account you’d like to deposit from, depending on the bank you are with you will most likely need to confirm the transaction. With Nedbank this is simply done using your mobile phone.

SiD approve it message

Step 8:

As soon as you have successfully approved the transaction you’re done. You will get a notification message as shown below confirming your deposit and proof of the transaction.

SiD proof of payment

Banking Fees

There a fortunately no transaction, sign up or admin fees for any player when making use of SiD Secure EFT. Only the operator/merchant will be charged a small transaction and admin fee. 

Contact Details For SiD Secure EFT

Office Hours Mon – Fri: 8am to 5pm 

SiD Instant EFT FAQ’s


Do I need to register an account with SiD Secure EFT?

No. Players looking to utilise SiD Secure EFT require no registration, only the merchant is required to signup with SiD


Is SiD Secure EFT free to use?

Yes. SiD Secure EFT has absolutely no hidden transaction fee's for players, there is only a small fee for the casino.


Do I need a credit card when using SiD Secure EFT?

No. The best part of using SiD is that because it makes use of your existing internet banking accounts there is no need for any credit or debit cards


Is SiD Secure EFT safe to use?

Yes. Apart from having bank level security features, SiD is also independently monitored and verified by leading privacy & security specialists, for your protection and peace of mind.


Can I use SiD Secure EFT from my mobile?

Yes. SiD is fully compatible with all devices, so you can conveniently pay using your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.