Live Dealer Casino Guide

Continuously looking for ways to innovate and level up online casino experience, masterminds in the iGaming sector keep brainstorming how to take games to a higher level and offer a slightly different perspective. Things are rather simple with slot releases, as they leave lots of room for experimenting with sound, visuals, and features, but what about other games? 

Playing those all-time favorite classics such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette from the comfort of your home sounds great, but consumers have always felt that some tiny piece of a puzzle was missing. Live dealer games entered the room to fill that gap, offering table game aficionados a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of gambling in land-based casinos from their homes in South Africa or elsewhere. 

Thanks to the unstoppable development of modern technologies and providers’ insatiable desire to push limits, live dealer games have been taken to a level that was once beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Multi-camera angles, unique types of bets, and native dealers are just some of the amazing elements players can enjoy while exploring live games and live dealer bonuses in online casinos.

It was precisely the idea that a live dealer could be integrated into the gaming session that changed everything. These casino games, which can be played in real-time against a real dealer on a computer or a mobile device, revolutionized the game offering, making it possible for players to catch a glimpse of the brick-and-mortar venues even if they aren’t inside one of them. 

Developers like Playtech, BETTER Live, LuckyStreak, CreedRoomz and others create live dealer games that can be streamed either from real casinos or from studios scattered all over the world. Philippines, Latvia, Spain, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Malta, and Ireland are just some of the many locations where well-equipped studios are situated. 

Live Dealer Guides

Live Casino is on the rise worldwide and developers are continually innovating to meet the growing expectations. Amidst the ongoing evolution, live dealer casinos and games are more abundant and versatile than ever before, and you’ll definitely need a helping hand to navigate this dynamic sector. 

Our guides below provide the how and why of live dealer gaming – explore and learn how to make the most of playing casino games with real dealers.