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Jun 01, 2023

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Limpopo is a rather modest province within South Africa, located at the northernmost tip of the country it shares borders with Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique as well. Limpopo is highly regarded for its wildlife reserves, having a portion of the Kruger National Park within its borders. Beyond the wildlife, there are mountainous regions and rock art that have stood the test of time and Baobab trees, some of the biggest in the world in fact.

But you didn’t click onto this article for the scenery of the province, you want to know about the casinos. The Meropa Casino is one of the biggest in the province, providing luxury and excellence in their service and in their games.

When it comes to online casinos, Limpopo is much like the rest of South Africa. Let’s go over some of the key points and regulations that are in place so you can stay informed and up to date when making decisions.

Gambling Regulations of South Africa

When it comes to gambling within brick and cement casinos or even sports betting the laws of the country are very straightforward and easy to follow. When we take things to an online space is when things start to get a little grey.

In 1996, the National Gambling Act was first introduced to the country. This act was put in place to regulate and maintain the growing gambling community and industry that had been getting bigger and bigger. The problem with this was that it didn’t really mention online gambling, because it wasn’t a thought in anyone’s mind at the time.

Fast forward to 2004, a new bill was introduced with the main focus being on online gambling. The changes implemented stated that the hosting and partaking in online gambling within the borders of the country was prohibited.

That isn’t the end of it however, those looking to start up online gambling websites for South Africans simply do so using offshore domains and proxies. They can do this because there isn’t a strong enough enforcement of the rules in this country to warrant much concern.

The Limpopo Gambling Board

This board was established by the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism. Regulated by the Limpopo and National Gambling Act of 1996 as well as The Public Finance Management Act of 1999, the board is there to make sure rules and regulations within the province are followed and upheld.

One of the biggest driving points for the board is the sustainable growth for the local economy. While they do maintain gambling regulations of the province they also wish to stimulate the economy by doing so.

The Limpopo Gambling Board is located at No. 8 Hans Van Rensburg Street, Polokwane, 0700, Limpopo, South Africa. They are open to many forms of contact so should you have any queries about the state of gambling within the province feel free to send them a message.

This is a tough one to answer. While we’ve already mentioned the national stance on online gambling there is no real enforcement of that rule. As it stands right now, any gambling that isn’t done within a physical casino or sports betting is prohibited.

Amendments to the National Act have been brought forward a few times in attempts to change the national stance but nothing has gone through so far. As soon as that changes we’ll be the first to let you know.

Hopefully, as technology evolves and times change, government will take another look at online gambling as a whole. We hope to see the online industry seen as a legitimate form of entertainment like sports betting and physical casinos.

Am I Able To Use Online Casinos In Limpopo?

You are physically able to, yes but always at your own risk and discretion. You can access hundreds of online casinos from the province that accept South African players and ZAR. Again, understand that it is at your own risk, while enforcement is lax, it is still somewhat prohibited.

We always advise you to use trusted and reputable website should you wish to enter the world of online gambling. If you would like to find out which sites are trusted you can always read our casino reviews and see what we think of a site.

Use this new knowledge to help better your understanding of the South African landscape and to help you make your decisions when it comes to the online sphere.