Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin Cash

The cryptocurrency scene is taking off in a big way again and South Africans, now more than ever, are starting to invest. Bitcoin Cash is one such crypto, leading off of the massive success that Bitcoin experienced, this version of the coin is trying to emulate that success while offering slightly different features.

Join us as we dive into the world of this crypto to learn more about it and to figure out the benefits of using it with online casinos. If you’re already an investor, come along anyway, you might learn a thing or two that you didn’t know previously.

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Benefits Of Using Bitcoin Cash

  • Built off the success of Bitcoin
  • Faster transactions than most cryptocurrencies
  • Highly secure
  • Potential to see massive growth on investments
  • Easy to use

Any Disadvantages?

As with any other cryptocurrency, the danger with investing in Bitcoin Cash lies in the volatility of the market. While the volatility of the market can lead to good things, it could also lead to devastating losses as well. If you understand the risks and play the market properly you’ll be able to make huge returns but understand that nothing is set in stone.

Another drawback to using this crypto is the availability with online casinos. You might struggle to find a trustworthy online establishment that accepts Bitcoin Cash as an accepted banking method. You can always read our latest casino reviews to find out what methods are accepted at which casinos.

How To Make A Deposit Using Bitcoin Cash At An Online Casino

Making a deposit using Bitcoin Cash is a rather simple process. First things first, you need to make and verify an account with your casino of choice. After you’ve done that making a deposit is as easy as one, two, three!

Step 1 – Selecting Bitcoin Cash

When you’re ready to make your first deposit head on over to the cashier tab. It should be on deposit by default but just double check. Scroll through your list of banking options until you come across Bitcoin Cash. Select it when you’re ready to continue.

Step 2 – Entering / Selecting Your Amount

After you’ve selected your method you’ll be asked to enter in the amount you wish to deposit or to select it from a list of predetermined amounts. Keep in mind that there are minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited.

Step 3 – Confirmation

When you’re happy with the amount you wish to deposit click on the button to continue. You’ll be asked to follow a few on screen prompts in order to finalise your deposit. Once you’ve completed all of that you’ll be good to go. 

How To Cashout Your Funds Using Bitcoin Cash

Cashing out your funds is just as easy as making a deposit. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if it is your first time making a withdrawal from your account with that casino you will probably have to provide some form of identification. That could be a photocopy of an I.D., passport, drivers license or anything in between.

Step 1 – Selecting Bitcoin Cash

After you’ve played the games on offer and want to cashout any funds you may have in your account head on over back to the cashier tab and select withdrawal, you should also be able to do this directly from your account options. Once there, scroll through the available options and select Bitcoin Cash.

Step 2 – Entering / Selecting Your Amount

When you’ve chosen your banking option, enter in or select from the amount you wish to withdraw. Keep in mind that there are minimum and maximum amounts that can be withdrawn.

Step 3 – Confirmation

When you’re ready to proceed click the button to continue. You’ll be asked once again to follow a series of on screen prompts in order to finalise your transaction. Once you’ve confirmed your last detail you shouldn’t have to wait more than a few hours for your withdrawal to reflect. 

History Of Bitcoin Cash

In 2017 a group of BTC investors, miners and developers decided to act on their feelings of uncertainty and unhappiness with the way standard blockchains operated. The group wanted larger blockchains to be implemented while others were happy with the smaller blocks. This difference in opinion eventually led to the spin off crypto we know today as Bitcoin Cash in August of 2017.

The key difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is the speed in which transactions take place. Larger blockchains means that more transactions can be processed, essentially cutting processing times down to seconds.

At its time of inception, the cryptocurrency began trading at around $240, much lower than its counterpart which was trading for around $2,700. This was most likely due to the fact that at the time of the split everyone that had invested in the crypto received an equal amount of BTC Cash as they had Bitcoin and immediately began to trade it off. 

Customer Support & Security

When it comes to customer support you’ll need to find the contact information of your current wallet. Depending on who you trade with and trade through the contact and support information will vary.

Much like every other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash operates through blockchains meaning that every transaction you make is highly secure and virtually invincible when it comes to outside, bad actors.

Bitcoin Cash FAQs

What’s the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

The most noticeable difference is transaction times. Bitcoin Cash is much faster when it comes to processing transactions.

Is Bitcoin Cash worth the same as Bitcoin?

Not currently, but the market is constantly shifting.

How common are online casinos that accept Bitcoin Cash?

Few casinos accept cryptos at the moment, but that is changing, as cryptos gain legitimacy they’ll be accepted by more online casinos.

Is it advisable to use Bitcoin Cash as a deposit and withdrawal method?

You need to make that decision based on what the market is doing at the time, understand that you can make massive gains on your winnings but that the potential to lose it is also real.

Are there any perks to using Bitcoin Cash or any other crypto when it comes to online gambling?

Bitcoin Cash transactions are usually faster and less costly than transactions made with fiat currencies. There is a higher level of anonymity when using cryptocurrencies, eliminating the need for banks and third parties to process the transactions. Also, there are casino game developers that create crypto friendly games that can be made Provably Fair and that investors can play with added benefits.