Online Roulette Guide

Roulette is one of the easiest casino games to learn and play, and as such, one of the most popular, especially among newcomers and casual gamblers. Make no mistake however – it is still a game of chance and luck with certain rules, so knowing HOW to play and understanding odds and house edge is essential if you’re having any ambition to win.

This is a classic casino game, and as the name says, it is played at a table with a spinning wheel comprised of 38 slots with numbers from 1 to 36, 0 and 00. It is essentially a random numbers game where a player bets on which of the numbered slots the ball will land. The dealer then spins the wheel and, depending on where the ball lands, the player either wins or loses.

The above is a simple summary, however what you should know is that there are:

  • many different strategies to roulette
  • ways to choose bets
  • rules depending on the variant.

This guide will help get you on the right track to understand this game and to get you equipped with basic and advanced knowledge to embark on your own roulette journey successfully.

Why Play Online Roulette?

While it may not be easy for online roulette to match the unique atmosphere at a land-based casino, experienced gamblers know that playing online is just as satisfying, if not better!

Some of the advantages of playing roulette at online casinos are:

  • Convenience – you can play at any time or place on your desktop or mobile phone; there’s no need to plan or pay for travel
  • More options – there’s often a greater selection of roulette variants to be found online, and even at a single casino: French, European, Double Ball, or even Live Roulette with real croupiers
  • Bonuses and promotions – more often than not, you will find a welcome pack and other ongoing bonuses for table game players
  • Free practice – unlike the land-based floor, gaming sites offer simulators, trainers and demo versions of roulette variants to practice until you’re confident to play for real money

Live Roulette Dealers Games

Many reputable software studios, such as SuperSpade Games, created such fantastically good interfaces that you will forget you are not really inside the famous Las Vegas casinos. Live Dealers games by SuperSpade are the ones providing you with the experience closest to the real deal. With an exciting atmosphere, highly professional hosts, and many in-game features such as live-chat or tip-the-dealer, they will bring Vegas straight to your living room.

Roulette Beginners Guide

To completely understand how online roulette should be played, the only right thing to do is to educate yourself by reading comprehensive and detailed tutorials on the subject. If you don’t want to feel confused while sitting by the virtual roulette wheel, we highly recommend that you read Roulette Beginners Guide.

Roulette Rules and Betting Guide

The question of bets is among the most crucial the answer for any aspiring player. How much to bet on every spin? Bet selection depends on your chosen strategy, bankroll and how long you want to stay at the table, and the knowledge also comes with experience. Learn more about inside and outside bets, and betting in general in this helpful Rules and Betting guide. It will help maximize your winning chances!

Don’t forget the first and most important step – choosing a good online casino!