Online Casinos Accepting AstroPay Card

AstroPay is a virtual, online prepaid card that can be used in order to make secure payments over the internet. These vouchers can be bought in supported currencies, of which South African Rands are supported, or in US dollars.

Once an amount has been purchased and has been loaded onto the voucher, you can then use that voucher to purchase goods online.

Unfortunately depositing at an online casino using AstroPay is currently not available to South Africans, we hope this function will be extended very soon.

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Benefits Of Using AstroPay Card

  • Instant transactions let you conduct your business on the fly without having to wait extended periods of time to complete your transaction.
  • Simple to use. Simply transfer cash onto the voucher then use that voucher as you would normal cash. There’s nothing complicated about it at all.
  • Accepts multiple currencies. Not only are South African Rands accepted but many others across the world too.
  • End-to-end security ensures a safe and secure transaction. Using this online voucher your safety and privacy is guaranteed.

Any Disadvantages?

AstroPay Card can often take a while for withdrawal transactions to complete. It is a bit unfortunate considering deposit transactions are incredibly quick.

Verification errors seem to be commonplace when using this prepaid card. Many users report having errors or issues when it comes time to verify their information.

Getting Started With AstroPay



It’s important to understand that there are two types of flows that users can choose from when making a deposit using AstroPay.

The first option has users buying a prepaid card online, once this is done they will then receive an email containing the virtual card which can be used to make deposits online. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t support withdrawals.

The second method is simply using the service as an online wallet. This way does support withdrawals.


How To Make A Deposit Using AstroPay Card At An Online Casino

AstroPay App

Should you wish to take AstroPay with you wherever you may go you’ll be able to do so with their app that is available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The app is small in size and versatile making it ideal for users of this service.

History Of AstroPay

AstroPay began life 11 years ago in 2009. Their influence began spreading throughout Latin America and eventually ended up making its way through Europe, Asia and Africa. In fact, it’s not only available in South Africa, it can be used in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Tanzania.

They use their experience to offer efficient and smooth transactions to their user base as best they can.

With offices based in the U.K. as well as Latin America they strive to bring their service to the global market.

They offer merchant and reseller options for those looking to make use of their product.

Customer Support & Security

If you’re looking to contact a member of their customer support you can do so with the email address provided. They will reach out to you once sending off your email.

With their end-to-end security your transactions are secure from beginning to end. Should you decide to use the voucher instead, that’s an added layer of protection, should your voucher get compromised there is a set limit that can be used and then it’s empty.

Contact Details For AstroPay

Emails can be sent directly to them from their website under the contact section or by using

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AstroPay FAQ's

Where can I deposit an AstroPay Card?

AstroPay Card is a virtual voucher, accepted on all major online gambling sites. If you are looking for a particular site, we suggest you check if it accepts AstroPay Card as a deposit option. We remind you that AstroPay Card has no link to any brand of credit card.

What is AstroPay Card?

AstroPay Card is a virtual voucher that you can purchase for a certain amount in your local currency (ZAR) or in US dollars. It is accepted at thousands of online sites worldwide affiliated with the AstroPay system. Before buying your AstroPay Card, we suggest you check whether it is accepted on the website where you wish to use it.

What countries is AstroPay available in?

AstroPay is available in South Africa and other African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, , Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Tanzania. International markets outside of Africa include India, Japan, Germany, Austria, Finland, Canada and LATAM markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru.

I have not received my activation code.

You must first verify that you entered your number without spaces/zeros (0), and selected the correct country. If you still did not receive the code, you can tap on tap to resend or tap to call me. If none of these work, please send us your phone number to