Online Casinos For Players In The Eastern Cape

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Jun 01, 2023

The Eastern Cape is one of South Africa’s largest provinces and is home to some of the most well known attractions and tourist destinations in the country. Being surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, the beaches are always filled come the holidays. Housing Rhodes University within its provincial borders, the province sees a lot of people coming in from all over to either learn or participate in the university’s national arts festival. Beyond that, it also is home to the southern spur of the Drakensberg escarpment, one of the most well known and popular retreats in the country.

Moving past the sights and sounds of the province, it’s also home to a few popular casinos, namely Hemingways Casino, Queens Casino and Boardwalk Casino to name a few. 

“What about their online casino policies and rules?” you might be asking, well, read on as we’ll outline everything you need to know about gambling online in the Eastern Cape.

Online Casinos For Eastern Cape Players

The first thing to understand when it comes to online gambling in the province is actually the national stance on online gambling as a whole. In 2004, an amendment to the National Gambling Act stated that only in house casino gambling sports betting was legal, participating in and the creation of online gambling games within the country was prohibited.

Ways around this rule have been found and used for years, those that wish to create an online casino for South African users simply do so with an offshore proxy. There is no solid infrastructure or resource for the proper enforcement of these rules however so users that wish to gamble online simply do so.

All of that is done at the users own risk, just because the enforcement of the rules have been lax doesn’t mean that they can’t or won’t be enforced in the future. For those looking to use online casinos in the province it’s always recommended to use reputable and trusted sites to do so.

The Eastern Cape Gambling Board

In order to properly enforce the rules set out by the National Gambling Act, each province set up a provincial gambling board. The Eastern Cape Gambling board serves as the centre for information and regulation for the province. They aim to provide and facilitate a socially responsible environment for gamblers and sports betters by reaching out to the community.

Unfortunately they fail to mention any specifics when it comes to online gambling so it’s best assumed that the national stance is also adopted by the Eastern Cape Gambling Board.

If you would like to ask them questions or get in contact with them you can do so by calling +27 43 702 8300. Their physical address is Quenera Drive, Beacon Bay North, Beacon Bay, 5241.

The National Stance On Gambling

As previously stated, the National Gambling Act of 2004, originally introduced in 1996, states that gambling within regulated physical casinos as well as online and offline sports betting is allowed but online gambling is not.

Again, there are loopholes that take advantage of the fact that the rules aren’t strictly enforced but that’s all at the users own risk. Make sure that if you wish to use an online casino within the country that it’s a reputable one and a trusted site.

It’s a shame that the rules and the laws of the country haven’t caught up to modern technology yet. We hope that as more and more entertainment streams shift to the online sphere we see a change in the way laws are implemented and that existing ones are altered to more accurately represent the landscape.

Gambling Online In The Eastern Cape

Right now there are plenty of online casinos that allow South African users and accept ZAR as a currency. Finding the right one for you might be a little tricky, we recommend reading our casino reviews and checking back with us regularly to stay up to date with all things online casino related.

As always, online gambling is at your own risk so while you may be able to use those websites make sure you’re doing so diligently and focused.

Stay ahead of the curve and make sure that you always know what you’re getting into.