Skrill Online Casinos

Skrill is a name you may have seen a few times during your tours of various online casinos but what exactly is it? We aim to answer that question as well as whether or not it is the right choice for you to use during your time spent at online casinos. South Africans are more than welcome to use this banking service for gambling as well.

“Make It. Move It. Send It. Spend It.” As their motto implies, Skrill is all about simplifying the way people spend online. Whether you need to pay for something online, send money, buy your favourite cryptocurrency, or even join Skrill’s exclusive loyalty programme, this no nonsense online money wallet (e-wallet) allows it all.

Part of the Paysafe Group, Skrill was founded back in 2001 under the name Moneybookers. Since its creation the payment solution has used its +19 years of experience to refine and evolve its offering to make it what is now, one of the smartest ways to spend money online.

The beauty behind Skrill is that it was built off a common internet challenge, that being a way for consumers to spend money safely online without compromising sensitive banking and personal information. With Skrill acting as a centralised e- wallet, consumers now have a one stop banking solution that not only protects their personal information, but simultaneously enables them to pay, send and buy online using just one centralised wallet.

Benefits Of Using Skrill

  • Safe and Secure – One of the most noticeable benefits of using Skrill is that it has been specifically designed to allow you to safely spend, transfer and buy online. Through its parent company PaySafe, all player related banking and personal information is kept safe and out of reach from potential fraud
  • Widely accepted – Not only has Skrill built up a great reputation as being widely accepted as a top payment solution in many countries and currencies around the world, it is also widely accepted and available within the Online Casino industry.
  • Not just a payment solution – The Skrill system doesn’t just allow players safe payments online, it also allows for international money transfer, the purchase of cryptocurrencies, as well as a world class loyalty programme
  • Instant payments – Through Skrill, making a deposit online is extremely fast. Once you’ve created your Skrill account the only thing required when depositing is the amount you would like to deposit, no further sign-up or credit card details required 

Disadvantages To Using Skrill

  • Deposit fee – there is a 2,5% fee that Skrill charges each time you deposit using your debit or credit card
  • Deposits made to Skrill with Mastercard cannot be used to deposit at online casinos – This is a major challenge when it comes to Skrill, only Visa deposits into your Skrill account will be available to use as deposit when looking to play online 
  • Pre – bank approval required on Visa Card – If you are looking to deposit into your Skrill account using your Visa card, you will need to get this pre-authorised by your bank. Unfortunately Visa cards will return a failed payment by the bank if not approved beforehand
  • Credit card or Debit cards only – Depositing into your Skrill account can only be done so using a Credit or debit card
  • Visa Credit Card withdrawals – If you are looking to withdrawal from your Skrill account using credit card, you can only do so with a VISA card, other cards are not available for Skrill withdrawal

How to setup your Skrill account? 

Because Skrill is a centralised E-wallet payment system, the very first thing you are going to need to do is make sure that your Skrill wallet/account has enough funds for you to use to then make a deposit at your online casino of choice.

Below is a very quick guide on how to load your Skrill wallet

Step 1:

Of course the very first thing you need to do is head on over the the official Skrill website. If you do not have a skrill account you are going to need to create one, this is very quick and easy and only requires your basic personal information. Sign up is free. 

Skrill registration page

Step 2:

Once you have successfully created or logged into your Skrill account, head to the deposit section in the left hand navigation tab. Click on the deposit button to be redirected to the deposit page. Here you will see that only one deposit method available is either a Debit or Credit card. Click on the “Deposit now” Button to proceed

Skrill deposit page

Step 3:

You will now need to enter the card details that you would like to deposit from. NB! – All well known credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American express are accepted, however it is important to note that only Visa deposits may be used to play online, Mastercard will allow players to transfer money, as well as the ability to purchase cryptocurrency, however deposits made into your Skrill account using Mastercard cannot be used to deposit at an online casino unless specified. 

Similarly with withdrawals, only Visa credit cards are accepted for withdrawals. 

Skrill deposit

Step 4:

Once you have entered your card details you will click to process the payment, just remember when making a deposit using your credit or debit card, a 2,5% transaction fee will be charged to you. Once the payment has been processed your Skrill account will be instantly credited with the amount you deposited.

Cryptocurrency & Skrill

Once you have a Skrill account you can use it to buy, hold and covert cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Here are the steps you need to follow convert fiat currency such as South African Rands to Crypto:

1. Upload your account with money, there are various option to upload cash
2. Go to the crypto tab in your account
3. Select the cryptocurrency you are interested in (BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, ETC,
4. Enter in the figure you want to spend and you will be shown a live exchange rate
5. Double check your figures and confirm

Skrill Transaction Fees

The following transactions are free:

  • Receiving money to your Skrill account
  • Sending money to an international bank account with Skrill Money Transfer 

Local ZA Payment methods: 

Depositing: Neteller – 2.5%

Withdrawing funds: VISA – 7.5%

Global Payment methods: 

Depositing: American Express (AMEX), Diners Club, JCB, Mastercard and VISA – 2.5%

Withdrawing funds: SWIFT – R98.39

Account Usage Fee:

Creating a Skrill account is free as long as you ensure you log in or make a transaction at least every 12 months. If you do not login or transact during a 12 month period you will be charged a monthly fee of 5 EURO (or equivalent in Rands)

Currency Conversion Fee:

Skrill will add a 3.99% when you perform a transaction involving currency conversion.

Other fees worth mentioning:

  • Chargeback fee – EUR 25 per chargeback
  • Attempted cash upload fee – EUR 10 per upload
  • Prohibited Transactions fees – up to EUR 150 per instance
  • Reversal of a wrong transaction fee – up to EUR 25 per reversal attempt

How to Deposit at an Online Casino using Skrill?

Now that we have created your Skrill account and we have loaded it with funds, it is now time to make your first deposit online using Skrill.

Watch our video below and check out our step by step guide on how to deposit and withdraw using your newly created Skrill account

Step 1:

To show you step by step how to deposit using Skrill we are going to go ahead and log into one of South Africa’s biggest online casinos, Springbok Casino. If you do not yet have an account with Springbok, go ahead and register

Once you have created your account, or alternatively logged in as an existing player, make your way over to the cashier section, you will find this in the top left hand corner

Springbok Casino

Step 2:

From the Cashiers section you will see all the various deposit methods available to you. Go ahead and scroll down until you see Skrill. Click on Skrill as your chosen payment method

Springbok deposit methods

Step 3:

From this point you will now be able to enter the amount you would like to deposit. The best thing about using Skrill is that once you have created your Skrill account and you have loaded it with funds, when it comes to depositing it seamlessly integrates with the online casino, meaning you won’t require your credit card details for payment.

The minimum deposit amount using Skrill and Springbok Casino is R25, and the maximum is R25,000<

Skrill deposit

Step 4:

Once you have entered the amount you wish to deposit, you will now need to login to your Skrill account. Don’t worry, this doesnt require you to open a new tab and to login to Skrill seperately, this will automatically be presented to you at this stage for your convenience.

Go ahead and enter your username and password you used to register for your Skrill account 

Skrill Login

Step 5:

Once you have logged into your Skrill account you will see that there are two tabs from which you can toggle. The first tab is your Skrill wallet. It is important to remember that if you have not deposited using a Visa card, your Skrill wallet will show that not enough funds are available to make the deposit. Mastercard deposits cannot be used to deposit online.

The second tab allows you to easily enter your credit card details. This route is very similar to your normal credit card deposit process where you will need your card number, expiry date and CVV number.

Skrill deposit

The Skrill App

For those players after the ultimate convenience from a banking method, Skrill does offer a very nice app. Available as a free download from either the IOS or Google play store, the Skrill app gives you all the great features and functionalities that Skrill offers, just on the move. With the Skrill app players are able to check their balances, deposit or withdrawal from their account, as well as transfer money internationally.

Contact Details For Skrill

If you require any further assistance or payment related information regarding EFTpay, you can make use of the below mentioned contact details:

Skrill FAQ’s


Do I need a Credit card to make use of Skrill?

Yes you do. For South African players only Credit and Debit cards can be used to load your Skrill wallet


Do I need to register to use Skrill?

Yes. Players who would like to make use of Skrill do need to create a Skrill account. This process is free and very simple


Can I withdrawal using Skrill?

Players are able to easily withdrawal from their online casino players account using Skrill. One key thing to know when it comes to Skrill withdrawals is that if you would like to withdrawal from your Skrill account using Card, only a Visa card is accepted.


Which deposit options does Skrill support?

Unfortunately for South African players, only Credit or Debit cards are accepted deposit methods available when loading your Skrill account


Is there a Fee to use Skrill?

There is no fee when depositing into an online casino using Skrill, however there is a 2,50% fee charged when you deposit funds into your Skrill wallet