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Jun 01, 2023

The Free State, an agricultural mecca that produces a vast majority of the grain that circulates through the country. For this reason the province has come to be known as the breadbasket of the country. Agriculture, Industry and mining make up the majority of the province, a powerhouse when it comes to production and refinement.

There is more to the province than just industry however, there are gorgeous national parks and breathtaking vistas that cover the area. One such park is Golden Gate Highlands Park which just happens to be the biggest pull for tourists in the province. The sun reflects off of the sandstone cliffs which is where the park gets its name, it’s truly something to behold.

For those looking to unwind in the province there are quite a few physical casinos that one can visit. Goldfields Casino, Frontier Inn and Casino, Windmill Casino and the Naledi Sun Hotel and Casino are just a few. What can you expect from the online world of casinos in the province? Read on and we’ll tell you

Online Casinos For Free State Players

When it comes to online gambling within the Free State, much like the rest of the province, things tend to get a little murky. The national outlook toward online gambling has been less than favourable since the introduction of the National Gambling Act of 1996. When it first came to pass, the act only mentioned physical casinos and sports betting, amendments were later made which stated that the operation of and participation in online gambling games was restricted.

After the implementation of the National Gambling Act, the provinces of South Africa all created their own gambling boards which are used to ensure that fair and safe gambling practices are adhered to. They also serve to try and stimulate local economies and provide economic empowerment to local communities through their programs

The Free State Gambling, Liquor And Tourism Authority

As we mentioned above, each province has their own gambling board to try and regulate gambling within their own borders. The Free State Gambling, Liquor and Tourism Authority is the board for this province.

The board is located at 36 First Ave, Westdene, Bloemfontein, 9301. If you have any queries or questions you’d like answered or simply more information on the state of gambling within the province then feel free to contact them on 051 404 0300 or send through an email at

The board acts as the entity that provides licenses to physical casinos within the province, should you wish to open one up you’ll need to contact them in order to begin the process.

They also aim to enforce social growth through their programs. In order to accomplish this they have set strict mandates and objectives to try and reach. Should they be successful they will contribute to a more equal society and community within their province.

The National Stance On Gambling

The national stance is an interesting one. It acknowledges both physical casinos and online sports betting but it doesn’t allow the operation of and participation in online gambling games. This hasn’t stopped people from launching websites overseas that specifically target South African players. They do this because there is a severe lack of enforcement when it comes to this rule. This is either due to lack of resources or lack of infrastructure. This by no means says that there will never be enforcement of the rule, it’s all currently operated at the owner’s risk.

The amendment of the act in 2004 stated that online gambling is not allowed and since then all attempts to change that have been unsuccessful. It’s a real shame, one would expect that as times and technologies progress and evolve that the legislation around them would evolve too.

Can I Gamble Online In The Free State?

This is a bit of a two-pronged answer. While yes, there is nothing preventing you from gambling online in the province, just understand that you do so at your own risk. The national stance has made it so that gambling online is prohibited but lax enforcement of the rules means that people do so anyway.

It’s always important that you do your own research when looking for a new online casino to join. Make sure that their licenses are up to date and that their terms and conditions are fair. If you’re looking for in-depth casino reviews you can find many over on our website.

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