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QwikEFT, a Belgium-based online payment gateway and solutions provider, might be a relative unknown in South Africa, but that hasn’t stopped them from allowing players to make deposits at their favourite online gambling destinations. What makes this method so enticing for South African players is that all you need in order to get started is a bank account.

Thanks to the instant EFT nature of this online banking method, the risk of chargebacks and fraud becomes significantly reduced, it’s far more convenient, and it works with most major South African banking institutes.

Created with both customer and merchant satisfaction in mind, it becomes easy to understand why the flow of QwikEFT is as smooth as it is. The entire payment journey from start to finish has been considered, refined, and improved upon.


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Benefits Of Using QwikEFT

  • As an instant EFT solution, QwikEFT will integrate itself with most South African banks such as ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB, Nedbank, Investec, Tyme Bank, Bidvest Bank, and Old Mutual Bank. QwikEFT operates similarly to EasyEFT.
  • The low fees that QwikEFT charges are incredibly enticing. The fees charged are dependent on the transaction itself, but ultimately they are very low.
  • QwikEFT doesn’t require a third-party app to be installed. Since this method is EFT-based, you won’t need to create an account with or install a third-party application to make use of the service.

Any Disadvantages?

Since QwikEFT is still relatively unknown within South Africa, you might find it difficult to locate merchants or even online casinos that accept it as a suitable method for online payments. As more people start to use the service hopefully more merchants will begin to adopt the method and it will gain more of a presence.

While low, there are still charges attached to transacting. Be sure to keep that in mind should you decide to shift money using this method.

How To Make A Deposit Using QwikEFT At An Online Casino?

Before any deposit can be made, it’s important that you select an online casino that actually offers the service in the first place. Once you’ve done that, create your account. Take note, that some online casinos require identification verification before you can proceed with these steps. You may have to present your I.D., driver’s license, passport, or some other form of identification if asked to do so. Once that is out of the way and you are ready to proceed, begin with step 1.

Step 1 – Selecting QwikEFT

Once you’ve found an online gambling establishment that offers QwikEFT as a service, head on over to the cashier and select the deposit option. Once you’ve done that, scan the list of options for QwikEFT. After you have found it, give it a click. After having clicked on QwikEFT, you’ll be asked to select which bank you use.

Step 2 – Enter Your Amount

After having completed the previous step, you will then need to enter in the amount you wish to deposit into your account. Do keep in mind that most online casinos have a minimum and maximum deposit limit. These limits are usually made apparent when entering your amount.

Step 3 – Confirm Your Transaction

When you are happy with your amount, you will then need to confirm your transactions by entering a few details. After that, you should see your funds reflected in your account and you are ready to play. Make sure you activate any promotions that might be available should you wish to do so.

How To Cashout Your Funds Using QwikEFT

When you’re ready to withdraw your funds from your account, just like before, head on over to the cashier tab. Once there, select the withdrawal option and click on QwikEFT. You will need to proceed in a similar way as you did for the deposit in order to receive your funds.

Banking Fees

We’ve already touched on this, but there are indeed fees associated with this method. The fees are minimal and are dependent on the transaction itself but they are fees nonetheless. Keep this in mind when proceeding with the banking solution.

Security Features

Since you’ll be transacting through QwikEFT, there is no need for a card to be involved in the process whatsoever. Because of this, it eliminates the risk of card fraud and chargebacks. In addition to this, you’ll have the full suite of protection features afforded to you by your financial service provider.

Customer Support & Contact Details

If you’re looking for more information regarding this payment solution, you’ll be able to send them a message from the contact section of their website or you can email them via




How long do transactions take when using QwikEFT?

Transactions made using QwikEFT are usually instant.


Do I need to download an app to use QwikEFT?

No, you won’t need to download an app in order to make use of QwikEFT.


Are there fees associated with QwikEFT?

Yes. While the fees are very low, there are still fees charged when transacting with QwikEFT.


What banks work with QwikEFT in South Africa?

The South African banks that work with QwikEFT are ABSA, Standard Bank, First National Bank, Nedbank, Investec, Tyme Bank, Bidvest Bank, and Old Mutual Bank.


Does QwikEFT work in South Africa?

Yes. While it might not be the most well-known at the moment, it is available for South Africans.