Online Blackjack Guide

Did you know that the earliest mention of Blackjack dates back to Cervantes’ Don Quixote? That’s the late 16 th / early 17 th century, which makes it one of the oldest games in existence.

Alongside Roulette and poker, it’s one of the most played table games in land-based casinos. With the development of modern technologies and the iGaming industry, the game easily found its way to the lobbies of online casinos and live dealer online casinos, retaining its reputation as a player’s favorite.

One of the main reasons why people all over the world like it is the fact that the game itself has fairly simple basic rules and it’s not a difficult one to learn. That, and the fact that it has the lowest house edge, amounting to 1% or even less- 0.5%.

A game of Blackjack is played against the dealer, or the house, as you wish, not against other players. The main goal of the game is to draw cards with a value as close to 21 as possible, without going over this specific value.

Aside from Classic Blackjack, players can also try luck with numerous interesting variants such as European Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Spanish 21, and more. Forward-thinking online content developers came up with all kinds of creative formats such as BJ optimized in various languages, 3D variants (Sonya Blackjack by Yggdrasil), and works of art by Evolution such as Infinite Blackjack, Lightning Blackjack, Power Blackjack, Blackjack Party, and many more.

As your knowledge of BJ grows, you will slowly become introduced to card counting, one of the most widely-discussed topics among fans of this game. This strategy is used to determine whether the player or the dealer has an advantage on the next hand. Although card counting is not classified as illegal activity, some casinos, both land and online, may ban a player spotted implementing it.

While it doesn’t take much to get the gist of basic strategies, but it does take a while to become a skilled pro. But having in mind that playing BJ makes a player’s mind sharper, we can freely say that exercise pays off, whichever way you look at it.

What Types of Articles Can Players Expect in this Section?

  • Blackjack Beginner Guide

To be able to fully understand any game, players should familiarize themselves with its history, rules, bet types, and strategies. It is true that there are plenty of variations from one software developer/casino to another, but the very essence is more or less always the same.

Our informative Blackjack Beginner Guide will introduce you to the brief history of BJ itself, after which you will get more info on the rules of the basic games, including card values, as well as an overview of beginner strategies for BJ players. You will also learn more about some of the most popular Blackjack variations such as Spanish 21 and Double Exposure Blackjack.