Online Casinos For Players In The Western Cape

Mar 25, 2020 | Casinos by Province

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Situated on the south-western coast of South Africa and spanning roughly the size of Greece, the Western Cape is not only the most southern point of the country but probably the most recognisable too. Making up the 4th largest province in South Africa, the Western Cape has become globally known for its popular national treasures, these include the must-see city of Cape Town, the world heritage site Robben island which held Nelson Mandela, the extensive world class winelands, and the historic Cape Aghulus and Cape Point, the points at which the Atlantic meets the Indian ocean. More than two thirds of the entire Western cape live in the metropolitan city of Cape Town, and rightfully so, the city has become world famous for its beautiful coastline, rich history, and of course Table Mountain. What about online casinos you ask? Well, we will get to that below…

Online casinos for players in the Western Cape

The Gambling Laws Of South Africa

To understand the provincial regulations within South Africa it’s important to firstly understand the national stand point regarding not only gambling, but more specifically online gambling. In summary the history of gambling in South Africa has seen two noticeable changes 1. In 1996 South Africa looked created a uniform structure and adherence of gambling in the country, the result of this is the National Gambling act of 1996, the act stated that a set number of operating licenses across South Africa’s provinces would be issued subsequently allowing land-based casinos and a national lottery to legally operate, if they obtain the relevant license of course. It was at this time that the National Gambling Board was simultaneously established, the role of which was to oversee and regulate gambling activity within the country.

The second key piece of South Africa’s gambling history is that in 2004 it was prohibited to offer any form of interactive gambling services in South Africa, a rule which applies to all online operators, licensed in any jurisdiction, this as set out in the National Gambling act of 2004

Western Cape Gambling Board

In 2008 there were attempts through an amended act to legalise interactive gambling/ online gambling in South Africa, however it was actively confronted by many land-based gambling operators and the anti-money laundering authorities, because of this the Act is yet to come into power.

Cape Gambling Board

When the National Gambling act of 1996 was introduced in South Africa it gave
indication of how several gambling licenses would now be available for
distribution within each of the 9 South African provinces, this notion was
passed with the intention of creating a more governed and structured landscape.

To assist the National Gambling board with providing for these licenses of
persons conducting or engaged in gambling, the restriction, regulation and
control of gambling, and the taxes on gambling and fees for applications, all 9
of South Africa’s provinces formed their own respective gambling and racing
boards, each board then formed their own set of acts to which it governed as
well. In the case of the Western Cape this is the Western cape Gambling and Racing Board,
and the Western
Cape Gambling And Racing Act of 1996

Is Online Gambling Legal In The Western cape?

When it comes to Gambling within the Western Cape the provincial act clearly favours that of land-based casinos, currently the province exhibits some of the best and largest land based casinos in the country, such as Grand West Casino. However, in the case of gambling activity not conducted in a licensed land based casino, the Western cape gambling and racing act of 1996 clearly states that

“No person physically present in the Province shall participate in a gambling activity by way of telephone, telefax, interactive television, electronic mail, internet transmission or any related communications medium, except as provided for by the National Act”.

This stems from the original clause that interactive gambling is prohibited in South Africa as originally stated in the National Gambling Act of 2004

Can I Gable online in the Western Cape

Can I Gamble Online In The Western Cape?

So the question still remains unclear, can you actually gambling online in the Western Cape, the short answer is yes and no. The truth is that many of these operators although catering to South African players don’t actually operate within South Africa, this explains why so many online casino offerings are available at the click of a button to South Africans, and more so how many of these off-shore operators accept South African players. Be that as it may gambling online is always at your own risk, so if you do decide to play online at your own risk we recommend that you visit our approved online casinos page. Here you will find everything from detailed reviews, clear payment methods and even how to stay safe when playing online. Rather be informed, knowledge is power!

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