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You might not think players situated in KwaZulu-Natal have online gambling high up on their priority list with Durban being in their backyard and all, but you’d be mistaken. There is a strong online gaming presence within the province with one of the most popular brick and cement casinos around being the Sibaya casino.

After a long day of taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful province, you might want to kick back and unwind with some of your favourite online casino games. We’ll be going in depth so you can get a proper understanding of the online landscape over there, so when you plan your next holiday you can be properly prepared.

Understanding Gambling Laws Within South Africa

As things stand currently the law is pretty clear and concise when it comes to sports betting and live, in casino betting. Where things start to get a bit murky is when the topic of online gambling is brought up.

South Africa has a very strange take on online gambling and online casinos as a whole. An amendment was made to the original National Gambling Act of 1996 back in 2018 which essentially prohibits people from hosting online gambling sites, or partaking in them, within the borders of the country. There are loopholes that get around this however.

Those wishing to host online games for people in South Africa simply do so offshore, internationally, make ZAR an accepted currency and let players in. There is a gray area when it comes to players however. Since the government has no real way to monitor or regulate online interactions, players proceed as normal.

The Gaming & Betting Board Of KwaZulu-Natal

When the National Gambling Act of 1996 was first introduced it was vital that regulatory boards were opened up all across the country and in every province so that rules and regulations could be upheld more easily within each province.

That is why The Gaming & Betting Board of KwaZulu-Natal was formed, so people within the border of the province had a readily available source of knowledge and information on all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to gambling in the country.

Their office is located at Nollsworth Park, 3 Nollsworth Crescent, Umhlanga, Durban, 4051 and can be contacted by calling 031 583 1800.

Is Online Gambling Prohibited In KwaZulu-Natal?

We’ve already mentioned the national view on online gambling in the country and KwaZulu-Natal’s stance isn’t any different. Unless changes to the National Gambling Act of 1996 that were presented in 2008 take effect there will still be a mostly gray area when it comes to online gambling.

These changes would’ve seen the easing of restrictions on online gambling within the country. Unfortunately there was noticeable pushback from land based casinos which stalled and ultimately ended discussions to amend the act.

Hopefully, as times change and technology evolves, a new amendment will be brought forward so that online gambling can be seen as a legitimate form of gaming alongside land based casinos and sports betting.

Am I Able To Gamble Online In KwaZulu-Natal?

Yes, currently if you’re located in the province you’ll be able to log on and enjoy hundreds of online based casinos that allow South African players and accept ZAR as a currency. Just understand that it’s all done at your own risk.

It’s always advisable to play from reputable sites that have up to date licenses and have above board practices. In order to stay ahead of the curve and to keep yourself updated on all things online casino related we recommend you read our latest casino reviews.

You never can be too safe in the online landscape, make sure you’ve done your homework and that you trust your establishment of choice.