Bomba Games Software Review

Games might seem like a brand new online entertainment producer and publisher, if it does then you will no doubt be surprised to hear that it was actually established back in 2007. What has this company been doing with 14 years of experience to its name you might be asking. Honestly, not too much.

They have an extremely limited number of video slot games to their name, while they also dabble with casino games, the extent of that library is just as small.

They are supposed to be helping their parent company,Eagle Games, break out into the world of online casino entertainment. If this is your first time hearing about them then it’s clear that they still have quite a way to go.

All of that aside, let’s jump in and see what this relatively unknown company is all about.

Available Online Slot Games

As we mentioned previously, Games’ library isn’t the largest around, in fact they only have around 24 online video slots to their name (at the time of writing). We are definitely looking forward to an expansion to their list, as well as an improved formula of video slot games.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of their titles.

Poseidon is a run of the mill video slot game that uses its 5 reels and 3 rows to bring the player a rather decent 30 paylines. The main objective of the game is to land matching symbols in order to form winning combos. Combinations pay out differently depending on the symbols used in the formation of the combo. There are also unique symbols that grant the player access to special gameplay features. We’ve seen titles like this from Red Tiger Gaming.

Another title in their line up is 7 HOT 3 which is their take on the classic fruit spinner. This time the grid is 3×3, the symbols should be familiar to anyone that has played a classic styled video slot game in the past. Whether the nostalgia factor is enough alone to draw players to this game is uncertain.

The next video slot title we’ll be taking a look at is Mysterious Crypt II, their take on the popular ancient Egypt theme that many other developers have built upon, making it one of the most difficult themes to make your game stand out in. This title looks to be a reskinned version of their other title Poseidon.

Poseidon’s brother and king of Olympus, Zeus, is another playable video slot game available from the developer. This title is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot game that has the player using symbols from myth and legend to try and land the highest winning combo that would make Zeus himself proud. It is a fun concept even if we have seen it before.

Finally, we come to Frango. This title is set during a battle in the 1800’s, cannons, flintlock pistols and swords are all around the battlefield! You must use these weapons as well as strategic planning to land winning combos in this 5-reel, 4-row video slot game. The sound effects are bombastic which is a perfect fit for a video slot such as this one!

What Can You Find At The Tables?

Their selection of table games is limited. They have a total of 6 games in their selection (at the time of writing), with the hope that they’ll add more and soon.

The titles that are available are: Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Derby – Horse Racing, Greyhounds and Bingo Top.

The overall visual presentation of the games aren’t too bad, but could use a little refinement.


    Games has been operating with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority since 2014, this might possibly be why they’ve yet to take the world by storm as they need to acquire more jurisdictions in order to become a more global phenomenon.

    Their games have bet limits in order to promote safe and responsible gambling as well as age gates to prevent minors from accessing the titles that they provide.

    Even with all of this in place for user safety, it’s always vitally important to make sure that your online establishment of choice has games and titles that are licensed for your region, otherwise you might come across games that are region locked and unable to be played in your area. Always make doubly sure that any and all licenses are valid and appropriate to your region.

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