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South Africans are no strangers to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin and Etherium. With that in mind, Quickbit is a fantastic crypto wallet that allows you to manage and maintain your cryptocurrencies on the fly. You’re able to buy cryptos, sell them, send them to friends or family, convert them from one cryptocurrency to another or hold onto them to watch the markets all from your fingertips.

The cryptocurrency game is a volatile one, prices and values can tank or soar seemingly overnight so having a central hub to monitor your investments is a good idea.

Quickbit also has a wealth of knowledge available to you should you want to learn about the different cryptocurrencies around the world or about anything really.

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Benefits Of Using Quickbit

  • Multiple quality of life features for you to make use of.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are done using blockchain methods.
  • The popularity of cryptocurrencies is always on the rise.
  • You can use cryptocurrencies with Quickbit anywhere on the planet.
  • Quicky and easy transactions

Any Disadvantages?

With the very nature of cryptocurrencies being so volatile it’s possible that the investment you put in can lose value over time. It can also gain value over time. It’s very hard to predict what the market will do on any given day considering there are so many factors to take into consideration.

Quickbit is also in early access. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that features are still being added and current features might still get tweaked.

How To Make A Deposit Using Quickbit At An Online Casino?

Making deposits using Quickbit or any other cryptocurrency wallet is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just follow our step by step guide and you’ll be good to go in no time! It’s as easy as any other banking method.

Getting Setup With Quickbit

Step 1 – Selecting Quickbit

The first thing you need to do, after making sure that your online establishment of choice accepts cryptocurrencies, is to navigate to the deposit tab and select Quickbit. Tusk Casino is an example of an establishment that accepts Quickbit payments.

Step 2 – Enter Your Amount

After completing step one you’ll be asked to enter in an amount you wish to deposit (keep in mind there is a minimum and maximum deposit limit). Also make sure you have the amount in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Step 3 – Confirmation

After you enter your amount you’ll be asked to enter your wallet details or your credit card details. This will be in the form of a card number which you should be able to find in your wallet. Enter the appropriate details and you’ll be good to go.

How To Cashout Your Funds Using Quickbit

Once you’re eligible to make a withdrawal you’ll find that doing so is just as easy as making a deposit. Please note that most online casinos will require some sort of proof of I.D. before they let you make a withdrawal.

Step 1 – Selecting Quickbit

After making your way to the withdrawal tab, navigate the options until you find Quickbit.

Step 2 – Enter Your Amount

Once you’ve chosen your desired method, select how much you wish to withdraw keeping in mind the minimum and maximum limits as well as how much you have available.

Step 3 – Confirming

Once you enter your amount you’ll be asked for your Quickbit card, wallet or credit card information. Once you input the appropriate and valid information your transaction should begin.

History Of Quickbit

Quickbit has been interested in the field of cryptocurrencies for almost as long as the first Bitcoin was mined back in 2009. Based in Sweden, they want to see cryptocurrencies become a part of everyday life.

Every day they work hard to blur the lines between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. They do so with a dedicated team of entrepreneurs that try to invest in whatever they can to make cryptos more viable and seen across the spectrum of legitimacy.

As they expand across the gload they try to work with both large and local businesses so that everyone, regardless of opportunity, can help strengthen the image of cryptocurrencies.

Customer Support & Security

Quickbit has a host of support staff ready to help you with whatever query you may have. They also have a team ready to assist you with learning about cryptos and how to go about investing.

When it comes to security there’s nothing as secure as cryptocurrencies. Thanks to their blockchain method of transaction and encryption there is very little fear that someone will be able to tamper with your transactions.

Contact Details For Quickbit

You can send off an email at or use the live chat feature once you’ve signed up for an account.

Quickbit F.A.Q.’s


Is Quickbit only a cryptocurrency wallet?

No, Quickbit is much more than that. They are a hub for purchasing, monitoring and holding cryptocurrencies.


How safe are my transactions?

Using a blockchain method is one of the most secure ways to process a transaction.


Are there purchase limits tied to Quickbit?

There are limits that pertain to each country in order to be compliant.


How long does it usually take for transactions to appear in my wallet?

Usually between 15 - 30 minutes.


Can I use more than just Bitcoin with Quickbit?

Yes, you can use Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and others with Quickbit.