Emoji Planet Video Slot from NetEntertainment

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Sep 21, 2017


Net Entertainment








0.01 - 1

Coins Bet Range

Emoji Planet is a video slot game based on the concept of famous pictographs that represent expressed emotions in a text conversation, not only on your hand-held mobile devices, but in a wide variety of social media applications as well. This concept began during the 1990s in Japan, and has now become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 1,000 different icons.

Emoji Planet is created by the game developers at NetEnt, and the design is unique with a layout of 6 Reels and 5 Rows where the symbols drop in from the top, in what is called the Avalanche Feature. Other game highlights include Cluster Pays, Wild and Sticky Wild Substitutions, and five different Emoji Features, which will explained in the following paragraphs.

Emoji Planet does not have the traditional paylines you see in most video slot games, it is played using symbol clusters of five or more to win. The coin value ranges between 0.01 and 1, which you can adjust to suit your bankroll and preference. You can also adjust the bet level from 1 to 10, which starts out at bet level 1 playing 20 coins, and increases by 20 coins for each additional bet level.

Five or more matching symbols in a cluster awards a payout, and multiple clusters consisting of the same symbol that are not adjacent to one another are considered separate clusters.

Emoji Planet Avalanche Feature

The game symbols fall into position on the reels, instead of spinning. A cluster win of five or more symbols triggers an Avalanche, when they explode and disappear, causing an Avalanche of symbols to fall in from the top to fill the empty spaces. The Avalanches will continue until there are no more symbols clusters or wins.

The Wild Symbols substitute for all game symbols and can appear anywhere on the reels.

Emoji Planet Emoji Meters and Features

There are a total of five Emoji Meters on the right side of the game screen. These are the Bomb, Pizza, Kiss Mark, Rocket, and Two-Hearts Meters. For each symbol that explodes and disappears, its corresponding Emoji Meter will be filled by one.

It is important to note that when a Wild Symbol replaces a symbol, it will not count towards filling the meter for the replaced symbol.

It takes 12 Emojis to fill its corresponding Emoji Meter. When there are no more winning combinations, if am Emoji Meter has been filled, the corresponding Emoji Feature is activated. Stickers on the Emoji Meters indicate the number of times the meter was filled during an active Avalanche. The meters reset after each round is complete.

Bomb Feature

When the Bomb Feature activates, 8 random symbols on the reels will explode and disappear. A win with a random multiplier between 5 and 100 times your total bet per spin is paid for each symbol that explodes and disappears.

These symbols do not count towards filling any of the Emoji Meters, and any Sticky Wild Symbols will not explode and disappear in the Bomb Feature.

Pizza Feature

When this feature activates, a 3×3 overlay of a random symbol, excluding the Wild Symbol, will appear on the reels in a random position. Sticky Wild Symbols cannot become overlaid.

Kiss Mark Feature

When this feature is activated, 3 Sticky Wild Symbols with 3 lives will appear in random positions and remain on the reels until their lives are used.

Sticky Wild Symbols substitute for all other game symbols, including other Sticky Wilds with less than 3 lives.

Rocket Feature

When the Rocket Feature is activated, a stack of 10 Wild Symbols appears both on and above one of the reels. In the next Avalanche, the new Wild Symbols positioned above fall into place on the reels until no more Wild Symbols remain. The regular Wild Symbols cannot replace the Sticky Wild Symbols in this feature.

Two-Hearts Feature

This feature activates when there are no remaining winning combinations and there are no more Emoji Features activated. The total win is multiplied by the number of times the meter has been filled, plus one more.

The theoretical RTP for Emoji Planet is 96.48%.