Flodder, The First Video Slot Based On A Dutch Film

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Jun 13, 2022

The Flodders, a name that might send a lot of people hurtling back to 1986, has made history. Online video slot game developer Red Tiger Gaming along with Evolution has created the world’s first video slot game based on a Dutch film!

The Flodders will be gracing screens worldwide once again thanks to their latest outing in the titular online slot release named ‘Flodder’. Dick Maas, the producer, director, and owner of the brand has been working closely with the developers on this title so that it stays as true as possible to the original work that charmed so many.

Meet The Flodders!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Dutch family don’t worry, Red Tiger Gaming has crafted this game in such a way that veterans of the film and newcomers alike can engage with and enjoy it. You’ll meet the whole crew; Ma, Johnnie, Kees, Grandpa Flodder, and Whiskey all make an appearance in this title.

The family will be up to their old antics once again with Grandpa occasionally rolling across the grid, shaking his stick around and dropping anywhere between 2 – 12 Wilds as he goes.

The art team has created stylised versions of these characters that still manage to stay accurate to their real-world counterparts. This is in part due to the fact that the creator himself has worked so closely on this project. The family serves as the high-paying symbols in the title.

Shenanigans Afoot

It wouldn’t be a true adaptation of the film without antics, shenanigans, and all-around craziness. The game has a bonus spins picker which will have you choosing, at random, your extra game package. Behind those bottles of booze are additional bonus spins, multipliers, and Wilds which can enhance your experience! Don’t forget to look out for Grandpa as he can still roll on through.

A Love Letter To Fans

This title is all about celebrating the fans of the film, the family behind the crazy ride, and the cultural phenomenon that they created. This game is truly for everyone, fan and newbie alike.

You can look forward to our full review of the title soon!