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Our casino guide section should provide some useful information to players, whether beginners or pros, on the many casino games available. We have beginner articles on some of the favourite casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker. All these games have luck based outcomes, but players can improve their odds of winning by understanding the rules and by following a game strategy.

Blackjack Beginners Guide

Beginners guide to the game of Blackjack

Roulette Beginners Guide

Beginners guide to the game of Roulette

Roulette Rules & Betting Guide

Beginners Guide to the rules of Roulette

Video Poker Players Guide

A guide to the different games of Video Poker

Cryptocurrency Gambling Guide

A player guide to gambling using cryptocurrencies

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Slot Machine Variance

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Blackjack Beginners Guide

For those of you who have not bet on blackjack games before, there are some simple strategies that you can put into play. Perfect basic strategy is what can cut the casino’s edge to a simple 0.5%, making it possible for you to gain the edge by counting cards. You can find several charts online, which can be read and memorised to do this. However, as well as these, there are some basic strategy rules to follow as well.

Roulette Beginners Guide

The idea behind playing roulette is quite simple. Your goal is to try and predict which number the ball that is thrown into the wheel will land on. However, before this, you will need to make your bets. This is where the table with all the betting options comes into play. Upon it, you’ll find all of the numbers on the wheel as well as some alternate wagering choices. There are actually a variety of betting options available to you. If you choose to, you can select to bet on a single number or a selection of single numbers. Alternatively, you can place a bet on a group of numbers, based on their proximity on the layout. These are known as inside bets.

Roulette Rules & Betting Guide

Corner bet / Quad bet

You place this bet by having your chip such that it is touching all the four corners of the number you are betting. This pays 8/1

Basket bet

This is regarded as the worst bet in roulette since it has the highest house edge at 7.89%. Basket bet is a five number bet on zero, double zero and numbers 1, 2, and 3. It pays 6/1

Double Street bet

You make this bet by placing your chip on the line separating the inside and outside areas like you do in street bet but in this one, you let it straddle the row below and above.

Outside bets are the bets made in the boxes surrounding the roulette numbers. Just like inside bets, there are several different outside bets you can make;

Red Black Odd & Even bet

These are all even money bets. You make this bets by placing your chips in the boxes you choose.

Video Poker Betting Guide

Video poker combines the speed and privacy of slot machines with some of the strategic decisions of traditional poker. You probably already know that slot machine gambling offers lousy odds and no strategy opportunities, but you might not know that many video poker machines provide excellent payouts and the chance for a smart gambler to raise the odds of winning.

That’s why wagers at online versions of these games have become so popular in the past 20 years, as more books and Internet sites have pointed out the right odds.