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Jul 24, 2012










0.01 - 10

Coins Bet Range

Wild Game Slots is an exciting game released by Playtech in honour of the London Olympics. This slot game features loveable animals and engaging 3D graphics that can entertain gamers for hours. This fun game features animals competing in athletics, gold medals, bonus plays, free spins and high payouts that everyone will enjoy.

There are many combinations of enormous jackpots or free spins depending on the number of wilds, medals or animals players can get in the reel.

Slot Game Details

This slot game is sporting themed and consists of 5 reel 25 pay lines. There is an exciting featured bonus round where slot players can pick the animals for the games they will participate in. The slots feature bronze, silver and gold medals as well as wild logos and the special animals. The slots offer a variety of bonuses and substantial jackpots as well. Five wild symbols in the slots will yield up to 3,000 coins. Getting three or more medals leads to an entirely new opportunity for different bonus levels.

Wild Games Bonus Features

The Bulldog, Cheetah and Hippo are the primary characters for the Wild Game Slots. Getting five or more of these animals in the slots could lead from anywhere to 1,000 to 3,000 coins alongside additional bonus features. There are a total of three bonus features; they are the 100 Meter Dash, the Freestyle Swim Bonus and the Balance Beam Bonus. The featured bonus rounds are activated once the gamer gets three of the same animal stacked together in the middle reel. The gamer gets to choose a competitor and then they get to watch the video to see how their animal fairs in the race

Wild Games Free Spins

In the 100 meter dash, gamers get up to eight free spins once the cheetah race is over, based on the medal. A gold medal could lead up to 75,000 coins because it turns all the medals in the reel into wilds. Three Bulldogs gives the gamer the Freestyle Swim Bonus. The gamer watches how their bull dog does in the race and wins up to eight free games with bonuses based on the results. Players can win up to 200 free spins. Three hippos lead to the Balance Beam Bonus. Players get up to eight free spins and the jackpot could be as big as 18,000 coins.

There are a number of bonuses and special features available on this game. In the base game, three or more medals gives the opportunity for the gamer to get a bonus ranging from 2X to 100X the original bet. The size of the bonuses is based on the number of medals and the types of medal the bonus is triggered from. There are many jackpots that can result from the featured bonus rounds. It’s exciting to see how the results from each special race can turn out in the end. The Wild Game Logos and the different medals can lead to nice bonuses or multipliers. However, the most rewarding wins occur when the gamer gets enough animals for the featured bonus rounds.

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