What is RTP?

Did you know that some online slots available at South African casinos are far more generous than others? Such hot ticket machines were created to offer players better odds of finishing in the money. The player odds are expressed in percentage, officially known as RTP, and usually featured in the info tab of the game. It’s no secret, the vast majority of punters see those two-digit numbers as a decisive factor when selecting their next spinning adventure. In fact, a great many players base their choice solely on the RTP, looking for the titles with the highest payback percentage. 

But what exactly is RTP and why is it so important? Let’s look into the matter in depth to answer these and other questions.

What Is Slot RTP?

In the universe of slots, RTP (Return To Player) is a percentage value that depicts the player odds, defining how much of the wagered money will return to gamblers on average over the long term. It is important to realize that this payback percentage is theoretical and calculated based on millions of spins, therefore do not expect your sessions to end up exactly as it says on the tin.

RTP is the opposite of house edge – the higher the payback percentage, the less money stays with the online casino and vice versa. By way of illustration, if a game has an RTP of 97.5%, it will pay back to players R975 of every R1,000 staked while keeping for the house the remaining R25. Again, this percentage is theoretical and not applicable for individual sessions, so no matter how much you win or lose playing your favorite title, the odds remain the same – in the long run, of course.

Which ZAR Online Slots Pay The Best?

It’s common knowledge, online slots come with a more advantageous payback percentage than their land-based counterparts. 

Generally, top-tier software providers would enhance their creations with an RTP of 96% or above. Still, some games return to players even more money, being true champions of generosity. For instance, Book of 99 from Relax Gaming gives back 99% while Playtech’s Ugga Bugga Multi-Spin returns 98.74%. In case you were wondering, the best-paying casino slot from NetEnt (at the moment of writing this article) is legendary Blood Suckers with an RTP of 98%, which is also one of the most played worldwide. 

And what about Megaways slots?

In the ever-growing sea of titles driven by the innovative Megaways reel mechanic, White Rabbit produced by BTG is on top of the list with a fantastic 97.72%! However, this is not to say, plain-vanilla classics lag behind their sophisticated relatives. Quite on the contrary, there is an impressive number of 3-reelers with a higher than average RTP, one of them is Rival’s 1-line Gold Rush that kindly returns 98.02% of all staked money. If one pay line is too straightforward for you, here is Happy Holli from AllWaySpin, which pays back 97.48%, offering punters 27 lines to complete their winning combinations.

What Is The Link Between Slot RTP And Volatility?

Even though online slots are very easy to play, their structure is incredibly complex and not that simple to understand. A number of crucial elements should be nicely put together to create a game worth spinning, and volatility is definitely one of them. Also called variance, volatility is linked with the RTP, however, the problem is that many punters, newbies especially, tend to mix up things, thinking RTP can show them the frequency of payouts.

In contrast to the RTP that depicts the odds, volatility defines the way a certain slot behaves, giving players an idea about the size and frequency of eventual payouts. High variance games pay less frequently but bring heftier sums while low variance fruit machines offer smaller prizes but more often. It can be said that volatility determines the model slots realize their RTPs while the latter has nothing to do with the frequency of wins. The bottom line is if you want to figure out whether a certain game will steadily fuel your bankroll with modest prizes or make you wait for a winning hit, take a look at the slot’s paytable.

Are High RTP Slots Always The Right Choice?

Naturally, high RTP slots enjoy greater popularity than those with lower payout percentages. However, when it comes to finding your perfect fit, there are many other factors to consider, from the theme and quality of graphics to the betting range and bonus features. By the way, slots with progressive jackpots traditionally come with a lower RTP but players love them for their huge potential to generate staggering wins.

To conclude, high RTP does not automatically mean a ripper of an online slot but, of course, it is always nice to benefit from the better odds. The best advice is to take a closer look at the best-paying games and try them in demo mode first to find the one that suits your taste, bankroll, and gambling preferences.