Tropicool Online Slot By ELK Studios

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Aug 10, 2021

Even beautiful tropical islands experience the winter, that’s exactly what ELK Studios intends to show off in their title, Tropicool. Set on a beautiful island resort that’s been hit by a sudden snowstorm, everything has frozen over, even the coconuts! But that won’t stop the islanders from still having a good time, oh no.

As you play you’ll be trying to break delicious fruits out of their icy prisons while sharing the reels with a well dressed toucan and a flamingo wearing fashionable warmers. Just because it’s a bit colder doesn’t mean the fun has to stop, there are multiple bonuses for you to take advantage of that will boost your experience.

Join us on this tropicool island while we try to crack open some fruits. Make sure you wear something warm and maybe bring an ice pick if you have one!

Theme & Symbols

Tropicool is a fun take on the tropical island getaway themed video slots. Everything that you might expect to see from those types of games are all present like surfboards, palm trees and straw huts except they’re all covered in snow!

The background is just like we mentioned above, everything is caked in a heavy layer of snow and a cold blue hue blankets the game, it chills you to the core just looking at it all! The personality of the game, as well as the detail, still manages to shine through all the snow which is what makes this title stand out.

The grid is made up of all the symbols in the game encased in ice blocks, whatever ice storm passed through came without warning! Other than the ice blocks themselves there is no real structure to the grid which works perfectly fine. They’ve set up the game so that the environment acts as a story device as well as a game piece.

The music in this title is fantastic, it’s a chilled out tropical tune which fits the theme immensely. The simple fact that the music is still so upbeat shows that no matter what happens here on this island nothing can get them down.

ELK Studios has a very carefree attitude when it comes to creating video slot games and this title is the epitome of that philosophy. If this is your first introduction to the developer then this game is a great way to see their talent and creativity.


We’ll start with the low-paying icons first. The symbols you’ll be seeing most often are the multi-coloured mini fruits. They come in Purple, Green, Yellow and Red. After that we have Apples, Coconuts and Strawberries.

For the high-paying symbols we have the Toucan and the Flamingo. These symbols usually come stacked three tiles high but can in variations of either one or two symbols high.

There is a horizontal Feature Reel that sits above the grid. Every so often a different feature symbol will slide across it and add that symbol to play. This is where you’ll come across your Wilds, symbols that can substitute for any icon in the game.

There is a Scatter symbol in the game that is represented by a ‘B’. Landing enough of these during a spin will trigger a unique gameplay feature.

Online Betting Options & Features

Tropicool is a 6×6 cascading video slot game developed by ELK Studios. Wins are paid out according to matching, adjacent symbols. The RTP for this game sits at around 95%.


As with most cascading video slot games, when you land a winning spin or ‘drop’ the winning symbols will be removed and new ones will fall into their place, potentially extending your win. 

By landing three or more ‘B’ Scatter symbols during a spin you’ll earn yourself some bonus spins. 3 Scatters will net you 10 bonus drops and 6 or more will get you an incredible 25 bonus drops. Additional drops and progressive multipliers can be collected during your bonus games to add extra chances for big wins.

Multiplier and locked Wilds can appear on the Feature Reel, if you’re able to get them on a winning drop you could be in for a substantial win!

Come and ‘chill’ out with ELK Studios with their Tropicool slot game!