Tiki Fruits Totem Frenzy Online Slot By Red Tiger Gaming

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Jul 30, 2021


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Red Tiger Gaming




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It’s time for a relaxing beach getaway! Red Tiger Gaming has given everyone a free ticket to a lovely island resort, one where the sun is always shining, the beaches are always warm and plant life is always lush and green. It’s a paradise that has one, very particular, secret. The totems that dot the island are alive! And they’re pretty hungry. Don’t worry though, they only munch down on the juiciest fruit that the island has to offer, feed them and they’ll help you win big!

This incredible tiki beach themed video slot is the vacation you need. Everything on the island is full of charm and character, even the sleeping masks are fun to play around with.

Join us as we stick our feet in the warm sand and try to feed the tiki totems. We’ll give you all the pointers you need so you can wake up the totem masks and feed the totem poles!

Theme & Symbols

Tiki Fruits Totem Frenzy is a tropical island getaway themed video slot, from the title alone you’ll be able to tell exactly what you’ll be in for.

The game comes to life when you start looking at the background. Clouds blow gently in the sky, boats move on the water without a care in the world, plants dance in the breeze and the sun shines down on all of it. A lot of love and detail went into creating the stage for this game and it paid off incredibly.

The grid is held up by two tiki totems, each totem has two faces that come alive and help during gameplay. The grid itself is fairly plain which works well with everything else, there’s no clutter and nothing distracts you as the symbols fall.

Music in this game plays a big role in bringing everything together, it luls when nothing is happening but the moment you spin the reels the score picks up and gets you in the relaxation mood. Sound effects are loud and direct your attention when something big is about to happen.

Tiki Fruits Totem Frenzy is another fantastic looking and fun to play video slot game from Red Tiger. Load up this title, grab a cocktail and kick back.


Symbols can be broken down into two categories; fruits and items. Fruit symbols include Pomegranate, Papaya, Bananas, Coconut and Pitaya. These symbols can get eaten by the totems on the left and the right. The item icons include Dice, Starts, Bells, Diamonds and Triple 7’s. These symbols can get blown away by the same totems.

There are four Wilds present in this game and they are constantly on the grid, they sit in each corner of the grid and are asleep until they are involved in a win. When they wake up they can substitute for any common icon in the game and help build winning combos easier.

Online Betting Options & Features

Tiki Fruits Totem Frenzy is a 7-reel, 9-row cascading video slot game developed by Red Tiger Gaming. Wins are paid out according to clusters of symbols. The RTP for this title is roughly 95.69%.


If you’re able to wake up all four tiki masks during a single spin you’ll enter the Tiki Spins feature.

Hungry totems might eat all of a specific type of fruit symbol so that new symbols can take their place. Sometimes, the totems will blow away all the symbols on the grid so a fresh group of symbols can take their place. These happen during Totem Frenzy.

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