Online Casinos Accepting Revolut

Revolut is a truly comprehensive money management app that South African users can use to get on top of not only their accounts, but rising trends as well.

This payment solution allows its users to purchase cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Etherium, or gold on the fly. While this wallet can be used to make purchases online or deposits for casinos, there is so much more that you’re able to do and accomplish with this app.

Join us as we figure out how you can best use this app to make transacting with online casinos easier.

Benefits Of Using Revolut

  • Comprehensive money solution.
  • Manage accounts on the fly.
  • Purchase cryptos or gold from anywhere.
  • Pre-paid and single use cards available.
  • Free user to user transfers.

How To Make A Deposit Using Revolut At An Online Casino?

With all of these wonderful features you might be thinking that making a deposit at an online casino might be incredibly complicated well, it isn’t. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be good to go in no time at all. This banking method is quick and simple.

Step 1 – Selecting Revolut

After you’ve made and verified your account and you’re ready to make your deposit head on over to the cashier tab. Once you’re there click on the Revolut option.

Step 2 – Choosing / Entering Your Amount

After you’ve chosen Revolut you’ll be asked to select an existing amount or enter your own. Select your amount (keeping in mind minimum and maximum limits) and continue to step 3.

Step 3 – Confirmation

After you’ve entered your amount and you’re ready to continue click on the next button and follow the onscreen prompts that appear. For your first time you might need to provide account permission or enter a one time pin.

How To Cashout Your Funds Using Revolut

Just like when making a deposit, completing withdrawals is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Keep in mind that before you’re able to withdraw from your account you’ll first need to provide proof of identity. Each casino requires different proofs, you can read our casino reviews here to find out what each casino needs.

Step 1 – Selecting Revolut

Just like before, make your way over to the cashier tab but this time select withdraw. This should also be possible through your ‘My Account’ page. After doing that you’ll need to select Revolut.

Step 2 – Choosing / Entering Your Amount

Enter in the amount that you wish to withdraw from your account (keep in mind the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits as well as how much you have available in your account). When you’re happy with the amount continue to step 3.

Step 3 – Confirmation

When you’re ready to make your withdrawal click on the next button and follow the onscreen prompts that appear.

Revolut App

There is a Revolut app that is available to South Africans via the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. You can use this app to manage and maintain your accounts on the fly as well as purchase cryptos and gold. You can also monitor stocks on the go as well.

History Of Revlout

Revolut first launched in 2015 in the United Kingdom. Back then, all it could do was facilitate money transfers and exchanges. Now, with many years of experience backing them up, they’re able to create a centralised hub for you to manage and maintain your most important accounts.

In 2017 they added the ability to trade in cryptocurrencies, allowing their users to take their first steps into the world of investing with virtual currencies.

Since they launched they’ve been expanding their influence into other countries to the point where they’re almost a global presence.

Today they are an absolute powerhouse when it comes to money management.

Customer Support & Security

There are two main ways that users can get in contact with customer support, both of which can get immediate answers on the fly should you need them.

Revolut offers its customers multiple layers of security in order to keep their transactions safe and secure. They offer fingerprint scanning if your device supports it. This biometric protection ensures that only you can access certain features or approve of transactions. There are customisable security options so you can change what you need. Disposable, single use virtual cards mean that they can’t be used again in the event that someone other than use gets a hold of it. These coupled with the other security measures they have in place means that your account is under constant lock and key.

Contact Details For Revolut

You’ll be able to get in touch with members of support staff at Revolut via in app chats or you can call them on +4420 3322 8352.

Revolut FAQ’s


Can I make money transfers with Revolut?

Yes, they charge a 0.5% rate on large transfers and they are active in 30+ countries.


How comprehensive is Revolut?

Extremely. You’re able to manage accounts, track spending habits, purchase investments and so much more.


Am I able to manage my cryptocurrencies via Revolut?

To an extent, yes. You’ll be able to buy cryptos via their app.


Does Revolut offer cards?

Yes, they offer both digital and physical cards. They also offer single use and pre-paid cards.


How much does Revolut charge for foregin exchange?

Their fees often sit between 0 - 2% for foreign exchanges.