Reef Raider Online Slot By NetEntertainment

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Aug 13, 2021


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Net Entertainment




Aquatic, Gems & Jewels




0.01 - 5

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Who said all pirates need to have eyepatches and peg legs? Who said they even need two legs to begin with? While we’re at it, who said pirates need to be human? NetEnt had these exact same questions and concluded that pirates can be whatever they want, even crustaceans! You read that right, even crabs can live the life of a pirate and go search for loot and treasure.

We understand that a crab pirate might raise a lot more questions so we’ll do our best to get you all the information you need! For starters, you’ll be able to see this little guy at most online casinos that have games provided by NetEnt casino software, so don’t worry about not catching a glimpse. Next up, he definitely has the hardware to be considered a pirate so don’t take him lightly!

Join us as we join this pirate crab crew and look for some buried treasure in the rock pool! We’ll let you know everything there is to know about this video slot in case you’d like to search for some treasure too.

Theme & Symbols

This title is very much an ocean theme, the whole game takes place underwater while the gentle waves make the plant life dance around. Don’t let the relaxed atmosphere fool you though, this crab is still a ruthless pirate! Or at least his moustache gives off that impression.

The grid is part of the gameplay in this game, the outlines are actually a path that our crab friend takes whenever certain win conditions are met. Other than that there is no structure in which the symbols float in which is perfectly fine for this title.

The background is great, taking place in a rock pool there is a lot of light that blankets the area. Plants move around and bubbles rise to the surface. There are a few gold coins scattered around suggesting that maybe our fearless pirate leader has already had some success in his treasure hunting exploits.

Music, animations and sound effects are fun and fit the theme well. There’s nothing that is too intense or out of character for this game, everything that happens on screen is chilled out and relaxed.

Overall, NetEnt has done a great job creating this fun and interesting little title. If you’re looking for something to play after a long day then this game might be just what you need.


The low-paying icons in this game are very thematic, you’ll be seeing four different coloured (Green, Yellow, Blue and Purple) shells landing on the reels quite often. It’s a nice change of pace from the standard playing card icons that we usually see.

Next are the high-paying symbols, these are pieces of treasure! Four gems represent these icons, Emeralds, Topaz, Amethysts and Rubies are the icons you’ll want to land on your reels as you play the game.

There are two types of Wilds in this game. The Coin Wild can appear randomly during gameplay and the Clam Wild is part of a gameplay feature. Both Wilds can substitute for any common icon in the game, helping you to build winning combos with ease.

Multiplier Symbols can also land, multiplying any wins they are involved with by the number presented. Multipliers can be x2, x3, x5 or x50.

Online Betting Options & Features

Reef Raider is a 7 x 7 cascading video slot game developed by NetEnt. Wins are paid out according to clusters that land. The RTP for this title sits at around 96.01%.


This title packs a few features that you should try to take advantage of. To start off there’s the Avalanche Feature that most cascading video slots make use of except this one has a bit of a twist. Should a winning cluster of symbols land they will disappear and a Clam Wild will take a random place within the cluster. New symbols will fill in and take up the remaining space that has been created.

Each time a win consists of the Clam Wild the Feature Line gets a segment filled in. At each point of the grid is a Feature that will trigger should the line get filled enough. Those features include:

  • Anchor Drop: 1 to 3 types of low-paying symbols are chosen and all of those symbols are removed from the grid.
  • Random Wilds: 4 to 8 Wild Coins will be placed on the grid helping to create more cluster wins.
  • Mystery Chest: 2 to 16 symbols are randomly replaced with Mystery Chests. The chests will all reveal the exact same symbol.
  • Cannon Blast: This feature will remove a random symbol from the grid along with all symbols in the same row and reel as that symbol.

Come and look for treasure with NetEnt!