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Oct 24, 2020


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Alice in Wonderland is a story full of weird, wonderful and interesting characters so a video slot based around the tale could be a pretty fun move.

The title Rabbit Hole Riches comes from the now famous scene where Alice falls down the rabbit hole of the white rabbit, transporting her to the wonderland, where she meets many strange and wacky people and creatures like the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the playing cards that make up the Queen’s Army.

Let Play’n GO transport you through the rabbit hole to a land where riches await, be warned though, it’s going to be a bit of a crazy experience.

Theme and Symbols

If you’ve read the novel or watched the films then you have a pretty solid idea of what this title is going to look like already. If you haven’t, well then you’re in for a treat. This game heavily features stand out characters from the source material. The background of the title is a fantastic visualisation of the wonderland with all the crazy colours and ominous sky lighting that makes the story such a unique one.

Everything about this title is reminiscent of the Alice in Wonderland story with a unique Play’n GO twist.


The symbols in play throughout this game are fun ones. The basic ones are incredibly detailed portraits of the Queen’s Army playing cards.

Next to them the Queen of Hearts makes an appearance along with The Mad Hatter, The Caterpillar and a sad tree with its mouth agape.

On to the symbols you’ll want to look out for. There is a Scatter symbol that is represented by a pocket watch with swirling purple energy and can appear on top of any symbol. There are five different types of wilds to watch for. The standard wild is a symbol with WILD written across it, there’s the Queen Wild, the Cheshire Cat Wild and two different Tower Wilds.

Betting Options and Features

Rabbit Hole Riches is a 3×3 video slot game with a fixed 5 paylines and a RTP of 96.23%.

Should you land 3 scatter symbols on the grid the Rabbit Hole Bonus will trigger. This feature will select which bonus spin you’ll be awarded with:

  • The Green Rabbit Hole is representative of the Teacup Party Pick Bonus. This bonus will award 1 extra spin with high-paying symbols only. After this spin is complete you’ll be prompted to select a teacup. Hiding in each cup is a high-paying symbol and depending on which one you get will determine a bet multiplier.
  • The Blue Rabbit Hole representing the Cheshire Cat respin feature. This will grant you 1 respin. This respin is a guaranteed win and on every winning spin you’ll be awarded 1 additional respin. During these spins the Cheshire Cat Wild is active.
  • The Yellow Rabbit Hole is the Tower Power Free Spins. This bonus gants 7 free spins and makes both of the Tower Wilds active. Multipliers can also be activated during these spins.
  • And finally we have the Red Rabbit Hole which is the Queen’s Army free spins feature. You’ll be granted 8 initial free spins and only the Queen Wild and the Queen’s Army are in play. The opportunity to earn extra spins and multipliers is present in this bonus.

Let Play’n GO transport you to the wonderland where riches await!

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