Optimove Secures A Foothold In South Africa Thanks To New Amelco Partnership

Slots Nutter

Oct 20, 2023

More and more international companies and outlets within the iGaming industry are starting to recognise just how much of a powerhouse the South African market truly is. We’ve seen multiple companies partner up with local platforms in 2023 already and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

Optimove is following in the footsteps of so many others and is securing its foothold in the country thanks to a new partnership struck between itself and Amelco.

For the uninitiated, Optimove implements customer-led approaches to planning, orchestrating, and optimising marketing plans. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform is now looking to expand its presence by partnering with Amelco, an iGaming and sportsbook tech development and solutions provider.

Optimove incorporates an all-in-one CRM marketing platform that South African operators will be able to leverage for their own use in order to grow and strengthen the relationship that they have between themselves and their player base.

How Will This Work?

Optimove relies pretty heavily on AI-based solutions, implementing generative AI to compile insights and reports, which are then used to inform campaigns or optimise strategies. They also use their AI program to tailor-make bespoke experiences for their customer’s player base. Finally, Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) uses AI to customise websites, apps, and messaging structures in real-time so that their customers can have the best possible experience.

Quotes From The Key Players

Business Development Manager at Amelco, Brandon Walker, explained: “Optimove’s CRM Marketing solutions have proved invaluable for our joint clients in South Africa. In this fast-paced industry and rapidly growing market, Optimove allows operators to understand what’s happening and react in real-time with the ideal message at the right time. Our joint clients have seen great benefits and fantastic ROI in terms of elevated retention rates and increased player LTV.”

Dan de Souza, Director of Partnerships at Optimove had this to say: “As the iGaming market continues to flourish in South Africa, it becomes paramount for operators to seize every opportunity to make a lasting impact. We recognize the significance of this pivotal stage in the market’s growth. Our market-leading CRM Marketing solution empowers South African operators to stay one step ahead of the competition by putting players at the heart of every marketing action. By prioritizing player-centric strategies, operators will elevate player retention, foster player loyalty, and maximize player lifetime value, enabling them to thrive in this dynamic and burgeoning market.

As AI solutions continue to improve and get even more sophisticated we will see these developments from Optimove get even better.