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Aug 02, 2021


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Asgard and the Realms are under attack by an unknown entity; Thor, Freya, Loki and the rest of the Asir have gone to do battle. Only Odin, the All Father, remains to protect the Realms from whatever threat this unknown force poses.

Just because Odin stands alone against this enemy doesn’t mean it will be easy for them, Odin possesses incredible strength and mighty magic. He will forge weapons and trinkets made of bronze, silver and gold to drive back the dark forces.

We stood by Odin and helped him defend his home as well as our Realm. Study what we encountered so that when you stand with him you’ll be prepared to defeat his enemies with him!

Theme & Symbols

This Norse themed video slot game was developed by Play’n GO, one of the industry’s powerhouses. They added their own twist to the deity of myth as well as drew inspiration from the comics and movies that feature this pantheon.

The moment you load up the game you are greeted by a monologue by Odin, he outlines that he alone stands in defiance against the threat to the Realms. As Odin speaks you’ll see meteors flying in the distance as broken pieces of Asgard fly off into space. This opening cinematic really sets the tone of this game. The voice acting for Odin is superb, his rough and powerful voice gets you in the mood to play the game.

The grid looks out into space, stars twinkle in the distance and a far off galaxy spins in place. This is a game with an epic scale to it. To the left and right are giant statues that stand menacingly, watching over the grid like they’re its guardians. Odin himself stands at the ready on the right hand side. A red hue engulfs the stage giving off the feeling that something off in the distance is burning.

Audio and sound design for this game is incredible, the musical score is grand and adds to the immersion. Sound effects and voice overs really add to the title, they help elevate the sense of tension and excitement that the opening dub helped create.

Overall, this is one of Play’n GO’s best pieces yet. Graphics, sound and game design all come together to form this spectacular title.


Low-paying symbols are represented by four different coloured runes. These runes are Green, Purple, Blue and Red. You’ll be seeing a lot of these runes throughout your time trying to defend the Realms.

Next up are the high-paying symbols. These are represented by Odin’s arsenal. A Horn, Shield, Sword and Hammer are what Odin uses to fight the enemy. You’ll want to see these appear on the grid so you can help Odin fight.

A golden trident represents this game’s Wild. A powerful artifact, this symbol will substitute for any other common icon, helping you to build some winning combos.

Online Betting Options & Features

Odin: Protector Of Realms is a honeycomb shaped cascading video slot game developed by Play’n GO. Wins are paid out according to symbol clusters and the RTP for this title hovers around 96.20%.


Each time a win lands, the symbols involved with the win will disappear and new symbols will fill their place. This can cause even more wins to occur.

When a win occurs the disappearing symbols are collected by the Ring Meter. 30 symbols collected will forge a Bronze Ring, 70 will forge Silver and 120 symbols collected will forge a Gold Ring. A Bronze Ring will create a minimum of 7 symbols in the centre of the grid, Silver will create between 12 – 19 symbols from the centre and Gold will create between 20 – 37 symbols.

Odin has some special abilities that he can use to defend the Realms, These abilities include:

  • Wisdom: Will upgrade the central symbol to any high-paying symbol or Wild before the Forged Ring feature triggers.
  • Power: Destroys 2 random symbol types on the grid.
  • Glory: Awards 2 – 8 random Wilds on a non-winning spin.

Defend the Realms with Odin and Play’n GO!

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