Dragon Tiger Gate – Online Slot By Habanero Systems

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May 11, 2023

Dragon Tiger Gate is a title that’s alive with animation, from the moment this title loads up on your screen you’ll feel the intensity of the conflict between these two regal apex predators. Developed by online casino entertainment provider Habanero Systems, it should come as no surprise that his game focuses on Eastern mythology and legend.

As these two titans battle it out, they can affect the way the grid works. Every spin might not be what it seems so pay attention to the reels after every spin. If gorgeous colours and persistent animations are what you look for in an online video slot game, this might be one for you.

Join us as we observe these two from afar. We’ll get you caught up on our findings and let you know how the bonus feature works, the mechanics at play, the symbols that can appear, the betting and customisation options, and much more.

Powerful Creatures

From the moment you set your gaze upon these creatures, you’ll be taken aback. The dragon defends the left-hand side and the tiger the right-hand side. The two are in constant motion, ready to attack or guard whenever they might have to. Even though the background is somewhat obstructed, you can still see animation work as well. The incredible attention to detail doesn’t end there though, as soon as the reels stop spinning, there are symbols that move around as well, regardless of winning combinations or not.

The art and graphic are superb, watching the dragon and the tiger bounce back and forth is incredible. The attention to detail in every aspect of this title is what makes this developer stand out amongst its peers.

The audio when the game isn’t being played is serene and calm. The moment the title moves from being idle to in motion, there is a beat of the drums that picks up along with other instruments which makes this clash even more epic.

If ancient rivalries and colossal creatures are what you enjoy, especially in an online video slot game, then you should definitely give this title a go using a fun account.

Claws & Fangs

There are only nine symbols that you’ll need to keep an eye out for while watching these two clash. Eight are common symbols which are part of the pay table. The remaining icon is special and will help extend your combinations should they land in the correct position.

We’ll begin by covering the low-paying images first. These are represented by playing card suits so expect to see Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts appearing on the reels fairly frequently. The Red Heart is the most valuable of this group.

Next up are the high-paying images. These are represented by the Dragon and the Tiger. Pay special attention whenever a Tiger Claw, Dragon Claw, The Tiger, or The Dragon makes an appearance. The Dragon is the highest-paying common icon in the game.

Finally, we come to the Wild. The Wild will substitute for any other common icon in the game, allowing you to formulate winning combinations easier or extend already existing ones.

The Power They Wield

This title consists of a grid which is comprised of 5 reels and 3 rows. There are a total of 25 fixed pay lines on which winning combos can be built. Wins can be made both ways.

Bets can range in two main ways, like most Habanero Systems’ titles. The Bet Level can range from 1 – 10 and the Coin Value can go between 0.01 – 20. The highest achievable win that can be obtained through gameplay is x10,026 the bet.

The theoretical payout percentage of this game is 96.78%. Keep in mind that the variance is high.

Creating Waves

The Dragon Tiger Gate Feature can trigger randomly after any win. A random winning symbol, that isn’t a Wild, is chosen and all symbols in the reels that contained the win will turn into that chosen symbol.

Passing Through The Gate

Dragon Tiger Gate is a visually impressive game that is able to hold your attention for a while. The lack of in-depth bonus features might turn some away and that’s fair enough. Should you wish to give this game a go, we recommend doing so with a fun account so you can see if it’s for you. If you enjoy your time with the game, look for it the next time you log into your favourite online casino.

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