Deep Descent Online Slot By Relax Gaming

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Aug 05, 2021


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Adventure, Aquatic






0.01 - 5

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Where is the best place to find sunken treasure? The ocean of course! Relax Gaming knows that in order to find sunken treasure there first needs to be an ocean to explore. So, they created a crystal clear, bright blue ocean for use to venture into to find some hidden bounty beneath the waves.

Relax also knows that not everyone knows how to dive so they graciously brought along a diving partner that does, he looks an awful lot like Jeff Goldblum which certainly doesn’t hurt. Together, the two of you will descend down to the various tranquil deeps of the ocean and find some shiny trinkets and some big wins.

Join us as we take our first few dives and report back our findings, we’ll let you know exactly what’s down below and how you should go about approaching the depths should you decide to go diving.

Theme & Symbols

Deep Descent is an ocean diving themed video slot game where you get to explore the calm blue waters of the gently rocking ocean. Along the way you’ll come across various fish that will greet you on your way down to the deepest parts to look for the sunken treasure.

The background is exactly what you might imagine it to look like, it starts off as a solid bright blue backdrop with bubbles rising to the surface. There are a few rocks jutting out the water’s surface but those are only to let you know that you’re not very deep yet. As you go further and further down the waters get a bit darker but it never gets to a point where it’s too dark. The scenery changes which is quite nice and gives you a good sense of progression.

There is no real grid, the symbols are all just floating in the water. This makes sense because as you get deeper additional rows of symbols get added so it’s easier to make everything work this way.

Music and sound effects are great, they’re calm and make you feel at peace. There’s never anything too jarring or out of place that breaks your immersion. Animations are also superb, the animated environment and symbols help tie everything together in a nice and neat bow.

In all, Relax Gaming really lives up to their name with this title. You’ll be the most calm you’ve ever been exploring the ocean for treasure. All the elements of this game come together and make it work.


We’ll start with the low-paying iccons first. These are the symbols that you might see the most during your time with the game. They are represented by playing card suits, look out for Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts as you make your way deeper.

Next we’ll look at the high-paying symbols. These ones are worth more so you’ll want them landing on the reels as you play. They are represented by three different coloured fish and our diving partner.

The Wild symbol in this game is represented by a gold crest. When the Wild lands a number will appear within the crest, that number will determine the number of respins that Wild will grant. During those respins the Wild is locked in place. On top of that, the Wild will substitute for all common icons in the game.

Online Betting Options & Features

Deep Descent starts off as a 5 – reel, 3 – row video slot game but it can eventually become a 5 – reel, 5 – row game. There are a whopping 3,125 ways to win, wins are determined by landing matching symbols (regardless of vertical position) in a row. RTP for this title sits at around 95%


During every spin, a random symbol will be chosen as the collection symbol. By landing winning spins with that symbol, the symbol will be collected. Collect enough symbols and you’ll go down a level. Each level you go down will add a new row and a Wild that will trigger respins. There are 3 levels that you can descend down, try and get to the bottom for the most rows!

Explore the ocean floor with Relax Gaming.