Dead Man’s Trail – Online Slot By Relax Gaming

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Sep 23, 2021


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Yo ho me maties, it’s time to raise the top sails and set off on a seafaring adventure! You’ll be joined by your crewmates in this high seas voyage to find sunken treasure left behind by our fallen pirate comrades. It won’t be easy but it’ll sure be worth it if you’re successful.

Drop anchor in one of the many pirate coves dotted across the world to find more crew members for this incredible venture. You’ll need all the man, and woman, power you can get. You need all sorts like a muscular bruiser, nimble and agile sword fighters and of course a cunning quartermaster to bring everything together.

Set sail with developer Relax Gaming in this pirate themed adventure and get ready for some bonus features like you’ve never seen before.

Theme & Symbols

This title is fully pirate themed and has all the visual imagery to boot. From the moment this game loads you’re in for some swashbuckling good times as there is an intro cinematic that plays that has cannons firing off the side of a ship, it’s a really nice touch that lets you know exactly what type of an experience you’re in for.

The background of this game is dark and dingy, just as a pirate cove should be. There’s a fog that has rolled in off the oceans waters that is blanketing the whole area in mystery. A pirate flag flaps in the wind, not at all bothered by the constant tension that sits in the air. An old shipwreck has been turned into a tavern, where the rum flows freely.

The grid is seemingly held together with rope, it’s incredibly basic and that isn’t a bad thing, not at all. With the grid being so basic it allows you to pay closer attention to the background. You’ll be able to pick out small details that even we might have missed.

The audio is dramatic, and oddly fitting to the theme. When sound effects go off they won’t distract you from your game, they will inform you of a win or a potential bonus activation without stealing your attention.

Overall, Relax Gaming has done a fine job at creating this pirate themed video slot game. It feels authentic and sounds the part too.


Let’s start off with the treasure that pays the least. The most common icon that you’ll be seeing on your reels are the playing card values. J, Q, K and A represent the low-paying icons.

Next up are the high-paying symbols. These are all represented by four members of the crew. Each crew member has a colour associated with them so keep an eye out for Blue, Green, Orange and Red symbols as they are worth the most on winning spins.

A solid brass ‘W’ represents this game’s Wild icon. The Wild can substitute for any other common icon in the game, allowing you to build winning combos with ease.

A scary looking ghost ship represents the Bonus symbol. If you’re able to land three or more Bonus symbols during a single spin, you’ll trigger the Trail Bonus feature.

Occasionally coin symbols will land on the reels with different values attached to them. Should three or more land on the reels, you’ll earn the amount on all the visible coin symbols.

Online Betting Options & Features

Dead Man’s Trail is a 5 – reel, 4 – row video slot game developed by Relax Gaming. There are a total of 40 fixed paylines for you to build wins on. The theoretical RTP for this title sits at around 96.29%.


To set off on your adventure you need to first land 3 Bonus symbols. By doing so you’ll activate the Trail Bonus feature. During this feature you are given a top down view of the ship and it’s course on its way to find the treasure. Each turn you will move between 1 – 9 spaces on the board. Each tile has an action associated with it. The basic actions are as follows:

  • Normal Tile – Win the amount presented on the tile.
  • End Tile – Ends the feature. Each tile you land on will turn into an End Tile after you move off of it.
  • Start Tile – Triggers a reset special action.
  • Mystery Chest – Landing on this tile will trigger 1 of 11 special actions.

If you’d like to take your chances out on the open water immediately, you can always use the buy feature which will instantly award 3 Bonus symbols for the price that is displayed.

Join Relax Gaming as they set sail with Dead Man’s Trail.