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Nov 15, 2020


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Aquatic, Fantasy, Mythology






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Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, might be known for many things but one thing that many probably don’t know about him is that he hoards his riches in the depths of the ocean!

Let Red Tiger Gaming software take you leagues under the sea so you can take your chance to make off with some of Poseidon’s wealth.

During your journey you’ll come face to face with the terrifying monster of the sea, the kraken. Luckily for you it would seem as though the king of the sea himself is willing to offer you a helping hand.

Let’s dive a bit deeper and find out exactly how you can score with the Hoard Of Poseidon.

Themes & Symbols

As you would expect from an underwater adventure, the entire play area is submerged. There is gold scattered everywhere giving you the sense that you’re really in Poseidon’s domain, specifically his treasure area.

The artwork of each symbol is incredibly well done, there’s tiny details that you might only spot on your fifth time playing. The animation is smooth and there’s an immersive bubble effect that plays on each spin.

The music that plays in the background isn’t anything groundbreaking or unique but it does ramp up quite nicely when high paying reels stop and wins are awarded.


As with most video slot games there are low paying symbols and high paying symbols. The high paying symbols that you’ll want to keep an eye out for are the ships in a bottle, Poseidon’s ring, a shell with an emerald in it and a book of the sea.

There are multiple wilds in the title for you to take advantage of. First there is Poseidon himself, he takes up two spaces on a reel and activates certain features when combined with other wilds. Next is the kraken, this wild can interact with three of the other wilds in the game. Next is the ink wild that is produced by the kraken wild. Lastly is the treasure chest wild.

Betting Options & Functions

Hoard Of Poseidon is a video slot game that features a 5-reel, 4-row grid with 30 paylines and a RTP of 95.72%.

Starting off, a stacking multiplier pearl has the chance to appear on any spin and multiply your next winning spin.

Next we’ll take a look at how the different wild symbols interact with each other.

The Poseidon wild can interact with the treasure chest wild should they both appear during a spin. Should this happen, Poseidon unleashes his powers of the sea to clone random treasure chest wilds on the grid.

Next, if the kraken wild and the Poseidon wild appear on the same spin, Poseidon will use his might to scare off the kraken leaving behind ink wilds as it swims away and allowing you to score some big wins.

Following on from that should the kraken wild and the treasure chest wild appear together, the kraken will use it’s sticky tentacles to lock the treasure chest wilds in place for the next spin, aiding in your chances to score a win.

Finally, should all three wilds appear on a single spin the kraken will lock all the chests, even the ones that Poseidon has cloned, in place before swimming off and leaving a trail of ink wilds for the ultimate chance to earn a massive win.

Explore the depths below with Red Tiger Gaming and see how much of Poseidon’s hoard you can get away with!

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