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Aug 10, 2021


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In Hollywood there’s so much more than just the finished product. There’s lots that goes on behind the screen that we never see! Well, ELK Studios has decided to shine a light on the unsung heroes of the movie industry with this video slot game of theirs.

The skilled and talented troll doll-like creatures that bring everything together are the focus of this game. Not everything goes off perfectly the first time around, the often at times funny blooper reels are some of the best features of movies and so why not highlight that very real part of movie making.

Join us as we go behind the scenes with ELK Studios casino software so we can see just how the movies get made. We’ll try to not get in the way of the busy bodies that cut, edit, film, work sound and do the stunts on every major production around. We’re sure we’ll get a new found respect for all those hard workers behind the scenes and you will too! Without further introduction, let’s jump right into Bloopers!

Theme & Symbols

This title is a movie themed video slot game, or rather a behind the scenes movie themed title. You’ll be getting a closer look at the crews that do the makeup, sound, editing and camera work. While this might not sound all that exciting we can guarantee that you’ll be in for a good time when the funny bloopers end up in the director’s cut.

With the main emphasis being on mobile, there’s no real background to speak of in this title. While it’s a little bit of a shame as this theme lends itself to some fantastic background art and animation it’s completely understandable. The grid is great, the reels are divided up using movie film, it’s a clever and subtle way to keep the theme with no background, even as the reels spin by.

The music and audio for this title is great. It opens up with a dialog that explains the basic theme of the slot. The voiceover work is superb, it conjures images of 60’s film and narration. The music itself is great, it isn’t repetitive enough to become boring and does a fantastic job of further reinforcing the theme.

Animation work is impressive, wins are bright and flashy, just like Hollywood. Again, it’s a bit disappointing that there is no background to take advantage of animation work but it’s in no way a game or deal breaker.

Overall, ELK Studios has taken a rather boring aspect of Hollywood and added a really fun twist to it. If you enjoyed games like Reactoonz, then you’ll absolutely enjoy this title as well.


We’ll start off with the low-paying icons first. Here lies one of the game’s flaws. The symbols are all represented by playing card values, so you’ll be seeing 10, J, Q, K and A appear quite often as you spin the reels. The issue is that each one of the game’s low-paying icons is the same colour and gradient. It becomes a little difficult to tell which symbols are landing. Simply making each letter a different colour would make a big difference.

Next up are the high-paying symbols. These are represented by the Hollywood classics. A Reel of Film, a Scene Board, an Actress and an Actor are all the symbols you’ll want to see land on your reels as you play the game.

The Bloopers, the stars of this game, will sometimes make an appearance on the reels as you play. Each Blooper (Stunt Man, Cutter, Make Up, Fix-It and Sound Tech) has a unique effect whenever they land.

There are various Wilds that appear throughout the game as well. All Wilds can substitute for any other common icon in the game. Actor and Actress Wilds are sticky and will remain on the reels during respins and bonus spins.

The Scatter icon in this game is represented by the Bonus Star symbol. Land enough of these and you’ll trigger a special gameplay bonus.

Online Betting Options & Features

Bloopers is a 5 – reel, 3 – row video slot game developed by ELK Studios. There are a total of 243 ways to win where wins are determined by matching symbols in adjacent reels. This game has a RTP of 96.01% with a volatility rating of 8 / 10.


3 or more bonus stars will trigger bonus spins where Blooper bonuses and sticky Wilds are active.

Blooper bonuses are as follows:

  • Stunt Man: Enables expanding Wilds.
  • Cutter: Enables Falling symbols.
  • Make Up: Awards extra bonus spins.
  • Fix-It: Shuffles symbols around.
  • Sound Tech: Drops random Wilds.

On top of in game bonuses there are also betting strategies that you can enable and disable when you select your bet amount. All four of these different strategies (Optimizer, Leveller, Booster and Jumper) have different pros and cons. You need to decide which of these strategies (if any) is best for your playstyle.

Come peek behind the scenes with Bloopers and ELK Studios.