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Aug 26, 2021


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8 Leprechauns is a very literal definition of this game. As you poke your head into this video slot title from PlayPearls casino software, you notice that there are eight very distinct leprechauns that are all doing their own thing within their community hall.

They look like they get along, well except for one of them which has the horrible habit of flashing any and everyone that he can! Don’t worry about not being able to fit in this hall, while they might be small they build big so that they can invite anyone though!

Join us as we take a stop by the leprechaun hall and get to know all eight of them. We’ll let you know who to keep an eye out for and who to absolutely avoid.

Theme & Symbols

The title is all based around leprechauns and their day to day goings on. While they might all be dressed in green and have orange hair they are all pretty unique, after a little while you’ll be able to identify which leprechaun is going to do what as they land.

The background for this slot is a long leprechaun hall looking area, you can see the green grass from just outside the hall as well as the bases of trees that are happily growing outside in the forest that we seem to find ourselves in.

The grid is pretty interesting, it’s set up in such a way that it looks like our little green clad friends are sitting on log benches doing their own thing. The grid blends into the background creating an illusion that you aren’t playing a slot game at all but rather something else.

There’s a rather curious and mischievous backtrack that plays alongside this title. It feels like the leprechauns are up to no good even though they aren’t doing anything bad. It’s a good fit for the theme of this title.

Overall, PlayPearls has done a good job with this title. There definitely could have been more to make the title come to life but what is there is good.


The symbols in this title are our eight leprechaun friends. The majority of the icons you’ll be seeing will be a combination of the various characters. The characters consist of a lady, a guy taking a selfie, a leprechaun lifting weights, a guy that is blinged out, a leprechaun that’s had a bit too much to drink, a character that’s had a bit too much to eat, a trendy leprechaun and out notorious flasher.

There is a Wild symbol that is present in the game. It will substitute for any other common icon in the game, helping you to build winning combos easier.

A Scatter symbol will also land on the reels occasionally. Landing enough of them during a single spin will trigger a bonus gameplay feature.

There is also a special golden key Bonus symbol. Should you collect enough of them while remaining on the same bet amount you will activate a unique feature.

Online Betting Options & Features

8 Leprechauns is a 5 – reel, 3 – row video slot game from PlayPearls. There are a total of 25 fixed paylines that you can build wins on. The RTP for this game sits at around 95.13%.


By landing 3 Scatters anywhere on the grid during a single spin you’ll be awarded with 10 bonus spins. 4 will get you 15 spins and should you manage to get 5 Scatters on the reels you’ll get yourself 20 bonus spins.

Collect 5 golden Bonus keys during the game and you’ll unlock the bonus minigame. During the minigame you’ll be able to use your collected keys to unlock deposit boxes for potentially instant prizes.

Come and hang out with all 8 Leprechauns and PlayPearls.

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