Yucatan’s Mystery Online Slot By Red Tiger Gaming

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Nov 23, 2020


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Red Tiger Gaming




Mayan, Mystical






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The ancient Mayans are one of the most mysterious civilizations to have ever existed. Luckily, Red Tiger Gaming is here to help us uncover the mysteries of old, as well as help us score some massive wins!

Should you dare to enter this old temple, you’ll come face to face with the ancient community of mysterious people. We hope you’ve packed your adventuring gear, because you’re going to need it as you make your way through all the pitfalls that are hidden away.

Let’s delve a little deeper and see if we can find out just how this years old temple works!

Theme & Symbols

Taking place in an ancient temple, this title is surprisingly colourful. The play grid is situated between two multicoloured totem poles with different faces etched into them that watch your every move.

The colours on display in this title pop and are incredibly vivid – a welcome change of pace compared to most dungeon delving video slot titles out there.

The soundtrack that plays alongside this title is very fitting, it makes you feel like you’re adventuring your way through this piece of history. The sound effects are also immersive and don’t feel out of place which is impressive given the theme.

The animations on display are smooth and aren’t jarring in the slightest. They propel this title further ahead in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

Red Tiger Gaming pulled out all the stops when designing and creating this title and it shows in the game play.


There are many different symbols in play in this title, starting off are the low paying icons. These are represented by the classic playing card values like 10, J, Q, K and A all of which are given a Mayan themed overhaul.

Up next are the high paying symbols. These are represented by various different and colourful masks and faces.

There is a ‘Free Spins’ symbol that is represented by a Mayan Temple that offers up unique gameplay features.

During free spins, a massive 2×2 Golden Wild icon appears that moves around each spin.

Betting Options & Features

Yucatan’s Mystery is a 5×4 video slot that boasts an impressive 30 paylines and an expanding moving wild.

Should three or more ‘Free Spin’ icons appear during a single spin, you’ll be awarded with 10 bonus spins. During these spins, a 2×2 moving wild will appear, after every spin it will shift positions. If, during your bonus spins, another ‘Free Spin’ icon appears, you’ll be rewarded with one more bonus spin and the wild will grow to take up a 3×3 position.

If enough smaller Wilds icons appear in conjunction with the massive Wild, the massive Wild will break down into 9 smaller Wilds. After that has happened, all the Wilds in the current game will spin and eventually land on a random high paying symbol. Once the spin is over and a new one begins, the massive Wild will reappear and change position once again.

Come and explore the ancient Mayan world with Red Tiger Gaming and grab yourself some super wins while you’re at it!

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