Wheel Of Wonders Online Slot By Push Gaming

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Nov 20, 2020


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There are many wonders of the ancient world like the pyramids or the Moai statues of the Easter Islands, Push Gaming intends to use the deserts of ancient Mesopotamia to tell the story of their wonder.

We’re throwing it all the way back to 2334 B.C. during the reign of Sargon of Akkad with a mythological twist. This video slot is infused with mystery and excitement featuring iconography from creatures like giant serpents, winged beasts and four legged terrors.

Let’s have a look and see just how Push Gaming has taken this theme and used it in the narrative of their video slot game.

Themes & Symbols

Set in the desert of the Middle East, this video slot uses a fairly simplistic design that works quite well.

The background of this title could be its own character, the sands blow and the four lone palm trees wave gently back and forth. There is a temple off to the left hand side that you would be able to see properly if the heat wasn’t distorting your vision.

Animations are beautiful and crisp, when the sandstorms blow through there isn’t a single instance of lag to be seen. Spins are smooth and everything flows effortlessly.

The play grid is set up in an old brick frame adorned by two beautiful statues.

The music that plays in the background adds an extra layer of immersion, the sound effects also add to the experience and don’t pull anything away.


Low paying symbols are pretty basic in their design which works well given the design choice of the theme that they’re working with.

Higher paying symbols include pots, paws, wheels, serpents, and both winged and grounded beasts. These symbols have incredible detail in them.

The wild symbol is represented by Sargon himself. Whenever he makes an appearance he substitutes for all other symbols in the game.

Betting Options & Features

Wheel of Wonders starts off as a 6-reel, 3-row video slot but can extend up to 6×6 grid with cascading reels. Beginning the spin, there are 792 payways but that too gets extended up to 46656 payways as the reels grow. RTP for this title is 96.5%.

Should you land a winning spin a new area opens up on a reel. All area positions are reset back to the default 6×3 on a new spin.

If an entire row of new slots is opened, you get a chance to spin the Ancient Wheel. The wheel is divided into multiple segments all with randomised prizes that can be won. The wheel can award three different types of prizes, they include: Bet Multipliers, Total Multipliers and Base Game Features. Base Game Features that can be won include multiple different game modifiers.

Should every additional area be filled, the Wheel of Wonders Feature will trigger. The wheel will award you with a random multiplier and you’ll also be granted a certain number of bonus spins.

Experience the wonders of this desert themed video slot game from Push Gaming, survive the sandstorms and earn some big wins!