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Mar 21, 2021


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Steampunk is always a fun theme and setting to use and explore, it poses a lot of what if questions and most of the answers are thrilling and intriguing to expand upon. Red Tiger Gaming is taking a crack at the steampunk aesthetic to see if they can bring anything new to the formula or just spice up what is already there.

Everyone can get something out of steampunk themed video slot games, even if you’re not a fan of the genre. Whether it’s looking at all the familiar yet altered designs of machines we know or the marriage of magic and science, everyone can get a kick out of it.

Join us as we delve into this marvelous world and figure out what this developer has done to make this slot fun and unique.

Theme & Symbols

As we’ve already mentioned above, this video slot is all about steampunk. Now that should already give you a good idea as to what the general look and feel of this title is but in case you’re unaware steampunk is a type of retro-futuristic design style where everything is seemingly made of bronze and operates off of steam power.

The play grid is situated in the lounge area of an air blimp, a couple of kilometers above the ground. This is clearly a luxury blimp as the interior is nothing but the best for the wealthiest of clients. In the background you can see other blimps flying around as well as hot air balloons.

Animations are what you might have come to expect from Red Tiger, they give the game life and immediately make you feel immersed in this world. Reels spin effortlessly and seeing the other airships float in the sky is calming.

The music and the sound effects are both filled with wonder and a thirst for knowledge as well as a sense of adventure. They play off of themselves incredibly well to come together in a musical piece that is incredibly well fitting for a game with a theme such as this.

In all, the overall presentation of this slot is another Red Tiger Gaming winner. All the pieces fit so well together and seamlessly too.


Starting off with the lower paying icons we have various objects you might find in the lounge of a luxury air blimp. Expect to see Pens, Code Messagers, Telephones, Gramophones and Cameras appear quite often.

Next we have the high-paying symbols. These are all staples of transportation in a steampunk world. There are Bicycles, Aeroplanes, Cars and Trains. These are the symbols you’ll want to appear on your grid.

There is a unique Wheel symbol that can appear on the grid during gameplay. Landing enough of these during a single spin will trigger a unique feature.

Online Betting Options & Features

Wheel Of Amp starts off as a 3×3 video slot game but can end up as a 5×5 video slot game. Fully expanded, there are a total of 25 fixed paylines. The RTP for this title sits at around 95.77%.


Landing enough Wheel symbols triggers the Wheel of Amp feature. Spinning this wheel will grant you access to one of three bonus features. Those features are:

  • Bonus Spins: Should the wheel land on this one you will be awarded with 10 bonus spins.
  • Step Change: This feature will either unlock a high-paying symbol or will expand the slot.
  • Win Boost: As the name implies, this feature will boost your next win.


Take to the skies in Wheel Of Amp with Red Tiger Gaming!

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