Vinci La Gallina – Online Slot By Skywind Group

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Feb 19, 2023


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Animals, Country life




0.01 - 300

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There’s a fox in the henhouse and it’s trying to take a bite out of the symbols! Online slot game developer Skywind Group has created an incredibly simple title that will have you fearing this fox as much as the hens do.

For the South Africans that don’t speak Italian, Vinci La Gallina roughly translated means Win The Chicken, so it’s pretty obvious what the fox is after in this title. You’ll need to play this game smart, decide when the best time to bank your winnings is, and when you don’t mind the fox making off with your stack.

Read on as we outline everything that you need to know about this online slot and this chicken coop. There are very few symbols that will need to be memorized, features that will help and hinder your progress to the top, and a soundtrack that is unlike anything that you’ve ever heard before.

Sunny Skies & Open Meadows

This title is very basic, there aren’t any background animations for you to pick out as the reel spins. The only form of movement comes in-game. Should a symbol land directly on the center of the reel, it will spring outwards and play a little animation.

The soundtrack that plays when the game is paused is nothing short of genius. It consists of various chickens clucking in a very specific beat. Sound effects in-game are alright, they do what they’re supposed to but it’s nothing that you haven’t heard before while playing an online slot.

There is a certain level of charm and character that comes from the artwork of this title. We can immediately tell that the wolf is nefarious and that the chicken is happy-go-lucky. You shouldn’t expect any complex story when playing this game because there isn’t one.

This title from Skywind Group is easy to understand and entertaining to play, should you find yourself scrolling through an online casino and you come across this game, load it up on a fun account and see if it’s something that you would enjoy.

Bells & Chickens

There are only five symbols that will be appearing on the reel as you spin it. There is a chance that a blank, in-between, space lands in the center of the reel. Should that happen, no win is awarded. Two of the symbols will interact with all three of the paying icons.

We’ll start by covering the three paying images. These are represented by a horseshoe, a star, and a bell. The bell is the highest-paying, then the start, and finally the horseshoe. Each time one of these icons lands in the center of the reel, their corresponding tower will increase by a level.

The Chichen is the Wild of this game. Should it land in the center of the reel, it will increase the level of all three towers by one.

Finally, we have the wolf. If the wolf lands in the center of the reel, all progress made on all three towers will be reset back to zero.

Clever Like A Fox

This title is made up entirely of 1 reel and 1 singular pay line. This setup makes it simple enough that punters who are brand new to the world of online video slots can sit down and enjoy.

The theoretical payout percentage of this game is 97.61% which is higher than the average of most other online slots. The volatility that you’ll be contending with has been marked as being high.

Bets that are able to be placed can range from 0.01 – 300 coins per spin. The max win potential changes depending on your bet due to the nature of this online title.

Out-Fox The Fox

Each time a paying symbol or the Wild lands in the center of the reel, it will increase one or all of the tower’s levels by one. Each tower caps out at level 5. As soon as a single level is highlighted, you’ll be able to bank your winnings by using the cash pot button. You’ll want to make it to the very top of a single tower, or all of the towers, before a wolf symbol lands on the reel and resets all tower progress back to 0. Knowing when to bank and when to hold is crucial in this game.

Chicken Run!

This title is a simple yet compelling one that will have you on the edge of your seat a few times. We highly recommend trying it out for fun before committing any real cash to it.

For more from this developer, we suggest having a look at Shield Of Egypt.

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