Viking Mania Slots Review

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Jul 21, 2012












0.2 - 100

Coins Bet Range

Viking Mania is a video slot machine game released by Playtech recently. It is themed around three funny Vikings. Two of the Vikings are men and one is a woman. They have different traits between the three of them, but are only there to increase in the overall entertainment value of the game. Viking Mania has many different ways to win. There are two different jackpots in Viking Mania and two bonus games. One of the bonus games gives you free spins. All of these features make Viking Mania one of the best video slots game around.

Slot Features

Viking Mania has twenty pay lines and five different reels. The amount that can be bet on lines is very broad and ranges between .20 and 500 credits and the max bet is twenty coins. Viking Mania’s jackpot is extremely high and is calculated by multiplying your line bet by 10,000 coins. The jackpot occurs when five red Vikings are lined up on the same pay line. There is also a secondary jackpot of 1,000 coins times your line bet.  This occurs when there are four red Vikings that are lined up from left to right, or when there are five woman Vikings active anywhere at one time. The wilds in Viking Mania are the yellow Vikings, and can act as any symbol besides the bonus round symbols. The yellow Viking will only appear on reels two, three, and four. Similar to other slot games, other payouts occur through a combination of the letters and numbers on the reels.

The first bonus round awards you ten free spins when there are three or more map symbols on the reels at any one time. There are more wilds during the free spins that occur from the map symbols. In addition to having more wilds that occur during the bonus round, all payouts are automatically tripled during the free spins. The other bonus occurs when there are five hammer symbols lined up the reels. When this happens, one of the Vikings is tied up to a board and the player may throw selected items at the Viking. The items can be weapons or just fruits, and for every time that one of the items hit the board you win three times your current bet. To make the game even better, when this bonus round triggers you are guaranteed to hit the board at least seven times out of the ten throws.

Special Features

The special features in Viking Mania are extremely unique and are what makes the game better than many other online slots games. The jackpot in Viking Mania is extremely high since it multiplies your line bet by 10,000 coins. There are two different bonus games, increased amounts of wilds to boost your chances at winning, and the other one will guarantee that you will win at least seven times out of ten throws. Those types of bonus rounds can rarely be found anywhere else. Viking Mania provides a very fun and profitable online slots experience. If you’re looking for a fun slots game with the most ways to win a large amount of money, then Viking Mania is the slot game for you. SA