Types of Online Slot Tournaments and Where to Find Them

One of the greatest aspects of iGaming have to be online slot tournaments, enjoyed by a great majority of players all around the world. Not only do they offer a chance to compete against other casino members in real time, but also offer a decent prize for reaching the first place on the leaderboard!

Over the last couple of years, online casinos have finally seen the true potential of slot tournaments and further developed their concept to answer the growing demands of various audiences and gambling styles.

Known mostly as buy-in tournaments and freerolls, these events also represent the ultimate marathon in iGaming if you want to make the most of your skills and earn some cash.

In case you’re interested in learning about different types of slot tournaments for South Africans and want to soak up more knowledge on how to identify such an event, stick around for a while and uncover an entirelynew layer of entertainment to add to your free time!

What is an Online Slot Tournament?

Before we reveal more about the great variety of casino tournaments, it’s important to mention that they are usuallyonly available on download version (in RTG powered online casinos) and can sometimes be password protected.

Some directories have exclusive tournament boards with respective passwords to join, while other sites offer instant access right after registering. In any case, participants compete against their fellow rivals, aiming to hit the best score and get a share of the prize pool.

Freerolls and online slot tournaments are rarely based on “The Winner Takes it All” format, meaning that the prize fund is usually divided between the top five, ten or even more players – the bigger the event, the more awards up for grabs.

Slot tournaments normally involve complimentary funds or bonus spins on widely renowned video slots, and they are in almost every case subject to wagering requirements. To sum it all up, each event has a leaderboard, a prize pool, a specific set of rules for joining and determining the winner, a single slot or more games available to play, timeframes and other details like mobile compatibility, download only or instant.

Buy-In or Freeroll?

All slot tournaments in South Africa and the rest of the world can be divided into two categories: buy-in and freeroll. To clarify, players are either required to pay an entry fee to participate or they can join absolutely for free!

Now, you may think that ‘buying a ticket’ brings an advantage, but in reality, it means that these types of tournaments only have bigger prize pools. Freerolls, on the other hand, are hosted by many online casinos and usually offer value to loyal customers or competitive players.

To discover whether you’re into freerolls more than buy-ins, always consider the experience required to participate. The other thing to take to heart is the size of the bankroll.

You may also notice in time that tournaments with smaller prize pools attract fewer players, leaving you with better odds to win. Likewise, a bigger bonanza will probably capture the attention of many customers, and some of them can be serious rivals, instantly lowering your shot at the title!

Are There Any Other Types of Slot Tournaments?

Due to their popularity on the online gaming market, freerolls and slot tournaments alike have become quite diverse over time, offering players an entirely new approach and twist, so check out what other types you may encounter while exploring the iGaming landscape in South Africa

Sign-up Freerolls

Among the most frequent tournaments at a large number of iGaming platforms are sign-up freerolls with totally free access once registered. Depending on the terms and conditions, an initial deposit may be needed in order to participate though.

Scheduled Tournaments

Many online casinos host regularly scheduled tournaments and they come in the form of buy-ins. To join the event, participants must usually sign up and pay in advance.

Comped Tournaments

Intended mostly for loyal players with regular activity on the platform. Casinos with loyalty programs often run VIP events to keep their customers entertained to the bone as a token of appreciation.

One-Shot Tournaments

Highly challenging and competitive, One-Shot events provide only one shot at winning the title by moving onto the next stage, so certain amount of experience is required.

Re-Buy Tournaments

These types of events describe a special type of slot tournaments where participants can re-buy their entrance and continue to play by paying for extra sessions.

Sit and Go and Survivor Tournaments

Although not that often, Sit ‘n Go and Survivor slot tournaments represent a special format of contests as they either come with a limited number of “seats” or include several stages where the lowest placed participants are eliminated at the end of every stage leaving others an opportunity to advance to the next level and so on. The winner is always decided in the final round.

Interesting, right?

That’s our quick guide about online slot tournaments to help you decide where and what to look out for. These entertaining events are truly an inseparable part of every top-ranking casino in South Africa, as they provide an excellent source of adrenaline and excitement, especially if you know how to stay at the top!

Always read the terms and conditions of every freeroll or buy-in tournament and keep your fingers crossed – there is a real chance that you actually win some Rands over time, but first, become a true master of freerolls!