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Feb 24, 2021


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We’ve all had the dream where we wake up and are the world’s first trillionaire, no worries or stresses anymore and we can put gold plated taps in all the bathrooms just because. Well, Red Tiger Gaming has had that same dream and has decided to make it somewhat a reality by creating this very video slot game.

Only glittering gold and shining gems will be good enough for this video slot game, but is that enough to make it fun and interesting? Let’s jump in and find out whether being a trillionaire is all it’s cracked up to be or if it’s best to be just a dream.

Theme & Symbols

There isn’t all that much to this theme if we’re honest, the title is Trillionaire and all that accompanies that title is jeweled symbols, attractive women and a glittering border. This isn’t a bad thing, the video slot looks gorgeous and the shining simplicity adds to the theme more than it takes away.

The play grid is suspended in the middle of a black and gold void that sparkles occasionally. It’s possible that the obscenely rich have the means to do something like this because why not?

The video slot opens with a rather interesting live action video with a woman singing, be warned if you happen to have your volume all the way up. It’s a nice touch, not a lot of video slots open with a little intro movie and that’s a bit of a shame.

The music that plays trails from the song that the introduction video played in the beginning. It picks up when the reels are spinning and gets quieter when nothing is happening on screen. It’s another nice touch that helps the music avoid becoming repetitive. Sound effects are sharp and do exactly what they’re supposed to, draw your attention to where it needs to be.

Animations are smooth, reels spin effortlessly and symbols that move on winning spins look like they were always meant to.

The overall presentation is another winner from Red Tiger.


Starting off with the low-paying icons, which in a game called Trillionaire sounds a bit weird, we have classic playing card suits. Expect to see Clubs, Diamond, Hearts and Spades appear quite frequently. They are all jewel encrusted so at least they’re nice to look at.

Next up are the high-paying icons, these are all represented by five different Supermodels all in fancy dresses. These symbols are unique in the fact that they are stacked, you can have a single high-paying icon take up an entire reel.

The Wild symbols in this game are the same five Supermodels just in different poses with the word ‘WILD’ written at the bottom. These symbols can substitute for any other paying icon, helping you build some crazy combos.

There is a ‘FREE SPINS’ symbol which triggers certain gameplay features should you manage to land three of them during a single spin.

The last symbol is the Fashion Wheel which also triggers a special gameplay feature should you land enough of them during a spin.

Online Betting Options & Features

Trillionaire is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot game developed by Red Tiger Gaming. There are a total of 20 paylines and a RTP of 94.74%.


Should you manage to land 3 ‘FREE SPINS’ icons during a single spin, you’ll be awarded with bonus spins. During these spins only the high-paying symbols appear. You’ll also get to decide which of the five Supermodels will become a Wild during these spins.

If you manage to land 3 Fashion Wheels during a single spin you’ll be able to give the actual Fashion Wheel a spin where you can potentially hit the mega win.

Come and party like a trillionaire with Red Tiger Gaming and five supermodels!

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