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Feb 19, 2021


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After reading that title you might be wondering to yourself who exactly is the unlucky soul that made Thor, Norse god of lightning, so angry that he needs to get vengeance on them. Well the answer is a pretty easy one. All of his enemies! Fenrir, Jormungandr and anyone else that gets in his way.

Like Egyptian mythology, the Norse pantheon is also one rich in interesting tales and stories of heroes and villains all begging to have their story told through video slots.

Let’s take a look at how Thor plans to get his revenge in the title developed by Red TIger Gaming.

Theme & Symbols

By simply glancing at the title you no doubt have some sort of idea as to what this video slot game entails and you’re probably not too far off either. Imagine a raging storm throwing out bolts of lightning and claps of thunder and that, essentially, is the entire mood of this game.

The play grid takes up the entire screen, there’s no room for anything else in the background which speaks to the overall seriousness of the title. The grid itself is very well designed, there are ancient Norse runes that glow periodically that really add to the feel and sense of immersion.

The audio that plays alongside this game is booming and bombastic giving you the sense that something serious is about to happen. The sound effects are just as sharp, letting you know right away that something has happened and needs your attention.

The animations of the cascading symbols are really good, there’s a dust animation that plays as the stones stop giving off the impression that this grid is extremely old.

Overall presentation of this title is fantastic and is just another good looking slot that Red Tiger Gaming can add to their ever expanding catalogue.


The lower-paying symbols are represented by playing card suits. You’ll be seeing runic styles of Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades appear quite frequently.

The higher-paying icons are represented by things that are prominent in Norse mythology like Odin’s Crow, The Wolf Fenrir, Yggdrasil the World Tree and finally Thor himself. These are the icons you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Thor’s Hammer is what represents the Wild symbol in this title, the Wild can substitute for any other common icon in the game.

There is also a unique ‘Free Spins’ symbol that triggers bonus gameplay features once bonus spins activate.

Betting Options & Features

Thor’s Vengeance is a 22 tile cascading video slot game developed by Red Tiger Gaming. There are a whopping 2,304 ways to win in this game with a RTP of 95.66%.


3 or more ‘Free Spins’ icons landing during a single spin will trigger bonus spins to happen. During these spins, every win will add to the total multiplier that lasts for the duration of the bonus spins.

Thor may randomly appear and send Thor’s Lightning to the grid which will either remove all low-paying icons, swap random symbols for symbols of the same type or turn them into Wilds.

During his intense battle, Thor’s Hammer may be seen flying past the grid, should this happen a 2×2 wild will appear or reels and rows will be nudged for a guaranteed win.


Help this Norse god fight against his foes and he may reward your bravery!

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