The Secret Millionaire

Slots Nutter

Jul 13, 2018

He would pick her up in his wreck, take her on cheap dates and wore shabby clothes. When they got engaged, he revealed the truth. Bill Henson was a secret millionaire. Debby Whitehall treasures the $200 ring Bill gave to her on their engagement day. They always joked that Bill would go down on one knee with a fake diamond ring because they couldn’t afford any better and that was what Bill did. Debby immediately accepted his proposal. But then came the big surprise. Bill revealed the shocking truth – he was $10 million strong with a property portfolio, a fleet of expensive cars and enough money to fly around the world in private jets. ‘’At first, I was furious,’’ Debby explained. ‘’I realised that our entire relationship was a lie. If Bill could lie about this, what else was he lying about? It was after he explained why he hid his fortune from me that I calmed down. His previous relationships were all about his money and ended in disaster. He wanted to make sure I wanted to be with him and not his money. ‘’ Life has changed quite dramatically for Bill and Debby. They moved into his manor house and can pick and choose between luxury vehicles as they please. ‘’We still go on the cheap dates now and then, just as a reminder of how we met and where we come from, but I must admit, it is incredible to live the life I’ve always dreamed of.’’ We wanted to know how he made his money. Debby was a bit reluctant but spilt the beans after a bit of persuasion…. ‘’Bill was in administration all his life. He had the typical 8 – 5 work day and sometimes became bored with his monotonous lifestyle. One day, when he was driving home, he got stuck in traffic and picked up his phone to read the news. There was a message from his friend Brian that said: ‘Check this out, I just won $80.’ It was some or other casino game. He wasn’t really into that kind of stuff, so he just left it. That night when he couldn’t fall asleep, he decided to give it a go.’’ And that was the moment his life changed forever! He signed up with $10 and immediately received 100 free spins at an online casino. After playing for about 15 minutes, his screen went up in flashing lights, and he realised that he had won the progressive jackpot! While the two lovebirds are jetting around the world and relaxing on private islands with not a care in the world, we can only daydream that our lucky day will come too.