Sweet Party Slot Pays Out Over R19 Million

Slots Nutter

Mar 23, 2016

Sweet Party, a progressive jackpot slot game from the Playtech software provider, has paid out a large jackpot of over nineteen million rand. A very lucky player has just won a R19,706,568 progressive jackpot.

Sweet Party Progressive Slot Details

Playtech’s Sweet Party progressive jackpot has been hit six times since 2014. The jackpot pays out approximately every 13 weeks, with an average payout of just over R19.8 million. The most recent payout is only slightly below the average payout. The biggest win ever recorded for this progressive reached a whopping R49,573,663. The win took place on 21st July 2015. The smallest win was for as little as R4,431,025, which is still a sizeable sum to take home from a progressive jackpot slot game. After being hit, Sweet Party has already begun to climb, and is currently worth more than R10,892,984.

About Sweet Party

Sweet Party is played on five reels with five rows. Wins are made when a number of the same sweets are seen on the reels. The sweets need to show five or more of the same symbol that are seen on the vertical and horizontal lines, and must be adjacent to each other. Diagonal line combinations do not count as a win. There are no set paylines. When eight or more of the red and white striped sweets form a winning combination, a portion of the game’s jackpot is paid out. If you have placed a wager of R16, 10 percent of the jackpot will be paid out when seeing this winning combination. If you have placed the maximum bet of R160, 100% of the progressive jackpot is paid out on the correct winning combination. Although the game does not have the standard slot features, such as wilds, scatters, and free spins, it is still a fun, and lucrative, slot to play. The bright-coloured sweets with the reels set in an old-style sweet dispenser add both fun and excitement to your screen. You can choose the AutoPlay feature if you wish to simply sit back and let the casino software do the work for you while you watch and wait for the Sweet Party symbols to form winning combinations on the screen.