Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slot Game from Betsoft

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Oct 11, 2019


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Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped from Betsoft is the sequel that reinvents the original Sugar Pop. The game features Special Candies, Candy Bomb & Candy Wilds and free spins with a top payout of 28,305 coins!

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Sweeter Than Ever

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped represents a slight improvement in both soundtrack and artwork over the original. Part of the reason is the transparent grid where you can better see a world of pink cotton candy and other devilish delights! As with the original, the symbols represent candies in simple geometric shapes and colours.

The candy dreamland is enhanced with some tremendous sound effects such as the tantalising sound of rattling candies cascading down like a rainbow waterfall.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slot Game
Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slot Game

Cluster Wins

As with the original, the second instalment uses cluster pays mechanics where four or more identical symbols touching horizontally or vertically create a winning group. These symbols then explode, giving rise to a chain reaction where symbols above the spaces cascade downwards to fill the voids which can result in new wins. Consecutive exploding wins are created as long as new cluster wins are created.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Free Spins

‘Free spins’ candy symbols in clusters of 4 or more trigger the free spins feature. The higher the cluster size, the greater the number of free spins!

Candy Bomb

In Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped there is a special candy that resembles a bomb in clusters of 5 or more will detonate the bomb destroying the affected area. It will then award a cash prize and trigger a cascading effect for the chance of more wins. The area affected by the bomb starts at six symbols and can go as high as 20 symbols.

Candy Wilds

A cluster of 5 or more candy wild symbols locks in place when a winning group explodes. Wilds substitute for all symbols except the free spins and level up symbols.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Level Up Feature

A special candy will advance the Level Up Trail, in stages, up to the 29th level. Reaching a certain level adds an extra special candy to the grid. On any round, a surprise egg may appear somewhere on the play area that will crack open to reveal a special candy already unlocked. The special candies are summarised as follows:

  • I Level: The gumdrop will absorb all symbols in a random colour before detonating them.
  • V Level: The caramel chew travels around the grid, destroying symbols that get in its way.
  • IX Level: The candy cane will detonate all symbols in the same column and row.
  • XIII Level: The lollipop shuffles all symbols on the playing grid.
  • XVII Level: Fizzy pop candy fizzes onto random candies, causing them to explode.
  • XXI Level: The jelly bean cannon rains down jellybeans that destroy symbols.
  • XXV Level: The morphing golden wild will substitute for all adjacent candies.
  • XXIX Level: The sweet hammer will strike the grid up to a maximum of nine times, destroying some of the symbols.
  • Sinful Delight

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped slot has an RTP of 96.42% and can be played with wagers of 1 to 100. The game is optimised for mobile and tablet using an Android or iOS device. The slot is a sinful delight that will satisfy any sweet tooth.