Springbok Casino’s Wildlife Babies of the Big 5

Oct 30, 2019 | Casino News & Promos

Some of the biggest and most dangerous South African animals start out cute and cuddly. This month, Springbok Casino has published Babies of the Big 5, a collection of stories and videos featuring a playful elephant calf, a loveable lion cub and an adorable baby rhino.

Cute, Cuddly & Very Wild Babies of the Big 5

Spotting an elephant calf is a highlight of any safari. Small compared to their massive mothers, a baby elephant weighs about 150 kilograms at birth. For their first couple of months they drink up to three gallons of milk a day!

Real baby lions are just as cute as little Simba in The Lion King movie. Lion cubs are cared for not just by their own mother but by all the lionesses in the pride.

Rhinos have been hunted to near extinction for their horns.  Born without a horn, baby rhinos have wrinkled skin hair and a thick layer of body fat. A young rhino will stay with its mother for five to ten years.

Leopard cubs practice hunting by stalking one another or attacking twigs, leaves or stones, then graduating to insects and small animals. It takes them a couple of years to perfect their hunting skills so they can survive on their own.

Buffalo calves are rather playful, running, prancing and head-butting their mothers. There’s a large population of African buffalo in the Kruger National Park, Kwazulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces.

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