Springbok Casino Enjoys South African Night Life in Tribute to Fascinating Nocturnal Animals

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Jul 02, 2019

As the seasons change and nights get longer in the southern hemisphere, Springbok Casino takes us on a night safari to meet the fascinating nocturnal animals of South Africa.

“Capetown isn’t the only place in South African with night life!” said Springbok Casino manager Daniel van Wyck. “Out in the wilds there are lots of animals that have adapted to life in the dark.”

Pangolins, Bushbabies, Polecats, Aardvarks and Bushpigs – they all have highly developed senses of hearing and smell and specially adapted eyesight. Since we so seldom get more than a glimpse of nocturnal animals, the casino has compiled an album of fun facts about the animals of the night.

Bushbabies appear to be all eyes and ears.  In Afrikaans they’re called “galagos” or “nagapies”, which translates to “little night monkeys”. Like its cousin the Skunk, Polecats mark their territory with a very unpleasant smell. Odd looking Aardvarks can devour as many as 50,000 termites in one night. Bushpigs are quite lazy, following fruit-eating monkeys to feast on their uneaten fruits.

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