Spooktacular Spins Online Slot By Nucleus Gaming

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Oct 19, 2020


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0.01 - 8

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Spooktacular Spins, as the name implies, is a spooky video slot filled with ghosts, ghouls and gremlins waiting around the corner of every reel waiting to give you a fright! Or maybe even some lovely big wins.

Nucleus Gaming has taken the spooky theme presented by many other halloween / horror themed video slots and smoothed the edges quite a bit. While the game might still be based in the horror genre, it’s quite cartoonish and really not at all scary. Although with that being said any arachnophobes might want to be alert for a very specific symbol.

Should you dare to go trick or treating with this video slot you’ll either come face to face with the hook nosed witch or showered in satisfying wins. We like to think that the risk is 100% worth it!

Theme and Symbols

The theme, by its very name, is spooky. In the background of the grid you’ll notice that the game takes place in a moonlit graveyard, fenced off for good reason. Atop the fence rests some dimly lit candles to add some extra light to the grid. A friendly looking crow sits perched on the right hand side giving you some company while the green hand of a zombie rises in the background, most likely to give the game a few spins.

The backtrack adds a nice ambiance to the game, adding that extra layer of enjoyment to the title.

The animation quality of everything is nice and smooth from the spins themselves to the zombie hand in the background, it’s clear to see the developers had fun making this one.


There are three types of creepy creatures that can creep around the board. They include the green hook nosed witch atop her flying broomstick, the transparent ghostly spectre and the big eared flying bat. Each creature has a unique effect from stacking to multipliers.

There is a Wild Symbol that is represented by smiling pumpkin and the green slime that it produces.

Other symbols to look out for include trick or treat sweets and cryptic letters.

Betting Options & Features

Spooktacular Spins is a video slot game played on a 19 cell honeycomb grid that has a solid 30 paylines.

In true ghostly fashion, this title includes a feature called Ectoplasmic Free Spins. In order for this to trigger, enough ghost icons need to appear to fill the ectoplasm meter. Each ghost fills the meter by one level. Once the meter is filled, you’ll be awarded 5 bonus spins!

During those bonus spins, the Spreading Pumpkin Slime will appear. When that happens, the slime will continue to spread to adjacent cells until the end of the bonus spins.

As previously stated, each creature symbol has a unique effect. The Witch summons with her other creepy creatures to the grid. The Ghost fills the Ectoplasmic Meter and the Bat awards a stacking multiplier, the more bats that flap their way onto the grid, the higher the boost!

Nucleus Gaming has created the perfect video slot game to trick or treat with!