Spin Town Slot game from Red Tiger is all about Zebra Crossings

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May 02, 2019

When you think of England, maybe you think of the iconic attractions like Big Ben, The London Eye, the Themes River and, yes, even the City of London’s red public buses. And so it goes that Red Tiger draws inspiration for its next slot called Spin Town with six different wilds and up to 400 coins per payline!

Amusing Concept

The game is designed in a cartoon-style with 5-reels and 40 paylines that are displayed on a zebra crossing. There are some interesting higher-value symbols that you’ll find lying on this crossing. These include a suitcase overflowing with cash, a motorbike helmet, a ghetto blaster, a wallet overflowing with cash + credit cards and a key. Some of these are not your typical lost items which make this somewhat amusing. There are also five lower-value royal flush poker symbols for a total of 10 regular symbols. As for the audio, a looping rock tune plays in the background as well as the sound of birds chirping that is mostly drowned out by the music.

Spin Town Beware! Wilds Crossing

The slot has one prominent feature called the Wild Crossing. It consists of 6 different wilds played by six different groups of individuals. These groups await patiently on each side of the reels for the cross-lights above to turn from red to green. When turning green, they move horizontally left to right or right to left. Collect 3, 4 or 5 wilds on a payline for 40, 120 or 400 coins respectively. Spin Town Video Slot Game

Sleepy Wilds

The first group of wilds are the sleepy wilds played by your stereotypical spectacled and grey-haired old man or old lady. The reason that they’re called sleepy is that when crossing, they may fall asleep on the reel meaning that they may stay in various positions longer increasing your chances of collecting more prizes.

Speedy Wilds

The speedy wilds are played by two younger, on-the-go pedestrians. The reason for being called speedy is that when crossing, they may move two spaces at a time as they have places to go!

Couple Wilds

The couple wilds consist of a lovely woman and a handsome man in love. When crossing, they may bump into each other on the spaces, where they merge as a wild with a 2x multiplier.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Shuffle Wilds

Rock ‘n’ Roll Shuffle wilds consist of four rocker wilds that suspiciously look a lot like the Beatles’ John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They move across the screen by one space on each spin until they walk off and are triggered by three Rock ‘n’ Roll symbols.

Guardsmen’s March Wilds

By landing three guardsmen symbols, you will trigger 1×2 Mega Wilds.

Hooligan Advance wilds

By landing three kick-off symbols, you will trigger the hooligan wilds which move across the reels in densely packed groups from either side.

Crossing the road has never been more fun!

Spin Town slot can be played with wagers typically starting from 0.20 to 60 and is available on mobile, and desktop. Use an Android or iOS device to take the game with you. Try it today!  

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