Slot Myths and Misconceptions

Slots Nutter

Apr 15, 2013

Slot games have been surrounded by myths for many years. Read the main slot myths and misconceptions associated with slot games and whether there is any truth in them or not. There are 10 we’ve identified in total. 1. Slot games are hot or cold This is quite a common misconception whereby casino players believe a slot machine is either hot or cold. If the machine is hot so to speak, this means the player will think there is a big win due. If a machine is cold, the thought is that the slot machine won’t pay out. Slot machines use Random Number Generators so the outcome cannot be predicted at all. 2. Slot machines have pay cycles which you can predict As stated above, slot games use Random Number Generators so results are completely unpredictable – this means you cannot predict cycles or patterns at all. 3. You can use systems to win at slot machines Websites that claim to offer a system to beat slot machines are not telling the truth. As highlighted in point 2, results are completely random so there is no chance to predict the next spin. Increasing or decreasing your stake will not make any difference whatsoever – if you see a system advertised we recommend you stay away for your own good. 4. Using a lever is better than using a button Slot games sometimes use levers or buttons but they are both methods for initiating the spin – there is no difference between them. The only difference is that older slot machines use traditional levers whilst newer more modern slot games (online for example) use buttons – it’s a style thing. 5. Payout rations vary during the game This is completely unfounded as online casinos cannot change the payout percentage of the game at all. They are audited by reputable financial companies to ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen. 6. Playing 1 coin after another will help you win the jackpot To win maximum jackpots, the maximum bet normally needs to be used – all slot games have paytables which show you exactly what is needed to trigger a jackpot. 7. One extra spin will entitle you to a win This is commonly known as chasing losses and when you should stop playing the particular slot game or take a break. The next spin is always completely random so it could come in the next spin or in 50 spins – there is no way to predict this. 8. The jackpot symbol appeared on a nearby line – I will win soon Jackpots and symbols are triggered randomly – getting close is part and parcel of the slot game. You could nearly win a million times and not win the jackpot. 9. If the payout ratio is 95%, I will only lose 5% overall Whilst this is true this only applies to the average game play that factors in all game play on that particular game. This will include millions of spins and thousands of players over a period of time (i.e. monthly). 10. A jackpot was won – I won’t win one now Random Number Generators are used to 5 jackpots could be won one after another or no jackpots for weeks or months. You shouldn’t play a particular slot machine because a recent jackpot has been won.